Tuesday, November 23, 2004

ayahku sakit....

a week before raya (22nd ramadhan), my father was admitted to the hospital in johor bahru due to his stomach pain and suspected to have appendix.. the doctor said need operation a.s.a.p since the pain is unbearable..

the next morning (23rd ramadhan).. doctor said it's not appendix.. he needed to stay for further check-up..

the next day (24th ramadhan), my brother messaged me said that ayah have tumor in his liver.. need to go to KL since there's no specialist in JB..

monday (25th ramadhan).. they arrived in KL.. i had to take half day.. we (my sister and me) met them at damansara specialist hosp.. the doctor said there was stone in his gallblader.. need to be removed a.s.a.p since he's in pain don't worry about the tumor yet..

tuesday (26th ramadhan).. since the operation is at 10.30 am, we (ardi and me) decided to run some errands before heading to the hospital.. after went to tabung haji to withdraw some money for raya... we were heading to damansara specialist hospital.. then.. all the sudden.. screeeeeetchhhh... bam!! we hit a kancil.. damn it... we had broken lamp and crash front hood.. fortunately there's nothing wrong with the internal organ of the car.. went to hospital to see ayah's condition.. after he woke up from the operation.. we went to traffic police in PJ to lodge a report.. fortunately the sargeant only penaltied us with RM150.. but there goes our money for raya... back to DSH.. ayah's still tired from the operation...

wednesday (27th ramdahan).. after send ardi to his office.. i went for an interview at Spansion.. still need to get away from this current job... why.. many reason... later lar citer ek... then pick up ardi (he took half day).. went to workshop to know the cost of repairing the car... nasib baik lar Ah Lai tu baik.. bagi barang baik.. harga pun baik... then pick up anisah.. went to DSH again.. just to chher him up with anisah... berbuka at de palma shah alam.. thanks abang botak.. ehehe..

thursday (28th ramdahan).. ayah discharged.. the bill was... WOW!!! hmmm.. mana nak carik duit ni... anyway.. it costs us RM12K ++... so think twice before go to DSH... somehow we manage to get the money.. thanks ardi.. thanks boy.. not sure how to settle if u guys not around... send ayah to bangi.. let him rest there...

friday (29th ramadhan).. could not visit ayah.. needed to go to workshop.. replace the front bumper, lamp, hood etc... well.. ardi quite 'happy' with the accident.. reason to change the parts for Lancer..

saturday (30th ramadhan).. need to do some shopping for the raya.. best nya gi Giant USJ... tak ramai orang... esok hari raya! esok hari raya!

sunday (1st syawal).. Selamat Hari Raya buat suma... tak dapat nak wish sapa2.. no credit.. tak nak top-up.. hehe..

Monday, November 22, 2004

First time for everything!!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

hmmm... well.. i have always read others blog.. finally i have decided to have one too...

so many things had happen this couple of weeks... with Puasa and Raya... my father.. my daughter... well that's make me feel like i need this too.. to share with others what had, have and will happen in my life.. i am not a fan of writing something like this.. people used to have diaries to note their daily activities.. well not me.. just not good at that.. but i think i have to try this.. for how long.. not sure.. but will try..