Thursday, March 24, 2005

Far and Away

to those yang ter'rajin' visit my blog.. nak apologize dulu.. have not updated my blog since mid-february.. sorry guys.. i am too busy with every thing.. especially work.. lately i have no time to think of anything else except buat module training, cari quotation, call vendor, database nak up kan.. blah blah blah blah.. shrap at 5 aku dah kena balik.. what to do! after 5pm, my hours are with my family.. i nkow my boss tak favor langsung.. but i have to deal with it..

tapi kerja gila-gila.. still no increment and bonuses.. sad huh! still looking for jobs.. and almost give-up but at the same time i love where i am now.. the flexibility that i enjoyed, the great colleagues that i have met and so on..

anisah dah 1 tahun 1 bulan and 19 hari... can't get enough of her.. every day every hour every minute.. she is one cheeky girl, know how to make her parents angry and at the same time know how to put a smile on her parents' face.. she's a real charmer... nowadays i don't visit her during lunch hour anymore.. she's being extra naughty when i am around.. so better off for me not to around although i miss doing that and not sure what to do during lunch hour..

hubby skrang ni banyak kerja.. sian kat dia bila balik kilang tu.. one of his colleague dah berhenti, so he has to tanggung all the kerja but the good thing he is no longer under that snobbish engineer who is also our neighbour but very selfish and undermine other people.. think he is too great.. now hubby cannot take extra hour when we need extra money due to canon's policy to limit OT for executive to 40 hours only.. tak cukup oooo...

ayah is recovering but his appetite still not getting better... mom is worried.. so do the rest of us... and having nenek around the house even 'suffer' my parents, after arwah atuk has passed away she's been nagging and scolding every body.. poor ayah and mak have to take all the blame and accusations.. but cannot blame nenek also.. maybe that;s her way of fighting her sad emotions...

we will be going to brunei soon... so i have to write a letter to apply for the long break.. so gotta go