Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!!

What I have achieved in a decade

1) Jan 2000 - celebrated the millenium in London-Dublin_Paris

2) Apr 2000 - I've graduated with a BBA Degree in Computer Information System from Western Michigan University.. leaving the United States

3) May 2000 - Abang aku kawin!! yeay!! first in the family.. uhuuu...

4) July 2000 - Owned a car.. Proton Wira Sedan color putih.. JFT 615

5) Sep 2000 - Started my first as a programmer.. 3 months and I quit.. leaving the challenging city and back to my hometown.. helped my parents to setup a stall

6) Feb 2001 - Started a new job.. I've been introduced to the world of GIS... met a lot of amazing people.. people whom I called a great friends..

7) Sometime in 2002 - {Tak ingat bulan brapa dahh}.. My beloved En Ardi or En Shukry.. sent the rombongan meminang.. a very simple one.. only 1 car coming consisted of 4 or 5 people.. (Ibu, Mama, Abah, Mak Ngah n Anjang (?)).. no hantaran (like nowadays!).. was a very simple ceremony..

8) April 2003 - Makcik Kawin!! uhuuuu... to be exact 18 April 2003.. announcement of pregnancy with first child.. so excited!!

9) February 2004 - Nur Anisah came to our world..

10) March 2004 - Akak aku kawin pulak!! and first time aku gi mengundi... Undi ku tidak rahsia.. Allahu Akbar!!

11) April 2004 - My beloved atuk meninggal dunia di Brunei... sakit tua..

12) End of 2004 - Ayah sakit.. operated.. hospitalized.. confirmed Hepatitis B with Liver Cancer

13) February 2005 - EE kawin!!! yeay!! before that we had our picnic kat Sg Tekala kat hulu langat.. our last picnic with Ayah

14) April 2005 - Ayah meninggal.. sad moment for us.. date: 2nd April 2005

15) December 2005 - Amil Aizat came to our world..

16) April 2006 - meninggalkan UGISP setelah 5 tahun bersama.. sedih nye tinggalkan kawan2 yg ambil berat hal kita dan keluarga..

17) May 2006 - Did i make the wrong decision? Aiyoh... I entered a very not great working enviroment..

18) December 2006 - Ami kawin!! Alhamdulillah suma adik beradik sudah selamat!!

19) 2007 - Not a hip year for me.. as i was too busy with this stupid company work ethics.. but i still found some great friends over there..

20) December 2007 - Tendered resignation

21) February 2008 - Bye2 Navi & Map, Hello Intelli-Telematics Asia

22) May 2008 - 3rd pregnancy announcement!!

23) January 2009 - Nur Aqilah came to our world..

24) March 2009 - A very low down moment in my life.. went till the next 4-5 months.. alhamdulillah.. berkat doa dan usaha.. sumanye kembali ke biasa.. semoga tidak berulang kembali..

25) June 2009 - Aqilah admitted to hospital due to pneumonia.. I passed the CUTE test...

26) December 2009 - Attended a seminar session which have allowed me to visualize my dreams..

What I expected in the next decade

1) Embarked on a new journey

2) Work harder to achieve my dreams

3) My kids wll enter a second phase of their life journey.. school school school

4) Share the wealth and love

5) Menunaikan umrah bersama keluarga - plan nak bawak mak and mama

6) Hidup lebih diberkati.. Rezeki lebih dirahmati..

7) Qualified for all NSC program

8) Appreciate life the fillest

Till then.. welcome 2010!!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


i am running out of ideas on what to write.. that's why i have keep myself silence for few months.. lemme think...

arghhh.. i can't think.. my mind is totally blank..

ooo.. i need to start on the kad raya today.. have too.. cannot delay any longer.. but i have a very hectic routine at home..

aqilah is going to be 8 months in 2 days.. gosh!! time flies really fast.. lemme put this down..

4 months 9 days - she started to roll and roll
4 months 10 days - she holds her own bottle
6 1/2 months - she started to crawl
7 months - she started to stand beside the chair/table or any object that she can hold on to
7 months 3 weeks - she started to take some steps
8 months 16 days - will she walk (on the Raya day)?

now.. with her eyes close (sleep), she rolls and rolls and kicking.. but actually she is sleeping.. her active level higher than abang and kakak..

on the other side.. abang is really wanted to become Ben 10. fight the alien.. now when he's taking picture, it must be then Ben 10 style.. he knows what number to press at the remote.. so it is always.. SIX.. ONE.. THREE.. yeah.. he doesn;t know that Ben 10 at 616.. and as always.. he fights with kakak for the channel..

Kakak.. is really being a kakak.. she can be very helpful when she is very rajin.. she wanted to help in the kitchen.. but don't want to look after he little sis.. she wants to fast.. but still need her milk additive... she reads English very well for a 5 year old.. she won the English Reading Competition couple of weeks ago..

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Dreamed a Dream

Every one has a dream. But how many of us dare to live to that dream.

I have a dream too. My only dream is to be a Stay At Home Mum. It may not be ultimate dream for everyone but it is for me. To complement this dream, I have another dream that is to own a BMW 3 series (well 5 series looks very nice nowadays!)

But can I achieve my dreams? I am working towards it now. A lot of patience required. A lot of hurdled need to jump. Hope the dream can be achieved in a very near future. Aminnnnn!!!!

I dreamed a dream in time gone by
When hope was high and life worth living
I dreamed that love would never die
I dreamed that God would be forgiving


I had a dream my life would be
So different from this hell I'm living
So different now from what it seemed
Now life has killed the dream I dreamed

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Not so good Sunday morning!

Mummy was very tired due to Aqilah's refusal to have a good sleep. She had slight fever and also bad cough. Mummy woke up with little energy to hang the clothes and to shower the kids.

Amil to shower first.. he refused to stand still.. then the mishap happened...

Dr kata, 'Sampai nampak tengkorak"

Luckily he did not scream while being stitched and it was 3 stitches only..

But sigh.. mummy should take extra precautions..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April Blues

not in blog mood yet.. but too many think happen nowadays.. so many thoughts in mind.. these are some of the highlights..

2nd April.. Al-fatihah to my late father who has passed away 4 years ago.. i miss him dearly..

4th April.. Al-fatihah to my late grandfather who has passed away 5 years ago..

4th April.. Aqilah was 3 months old and weight 6.5kg

8th April.. the unofficial kick off Caza's, Nana's and Kay's party packs business.. hope you guys can give support..

11th April.. Kids' day out.. kite flying session.. it's a bit of rain.. but they were able to fly the kite. will put pics on this..

16th April.. Happy Birthday to my dearest friend.. Ms Shazarina Mohd Azmy.. hope you can find love soon enough so that i can sleep over your house for a week.. heheh

16th April.. Happy Birthday to my dear cousin.. Mrs. Syaimak Abdul Shukor.. hope your PhD study is on track and love your handsome Thaqif..

18th April.. Happy 6th Anniversary to En. Ardi Irwan dan Pn. Khulailah.. hope we will live and pursue our dreams together till the end... Although we are currently facing the toughest test in our relationship, hope it will make us grow even stronger.. Love you sayang! Hope I will find time to post the pics of the celebration.

18th April.. COllect keys for my H.O.M.E. Love it!

20th April.. Amil depart to Brunei for his 10-days break and 1st time leave home without mummy, daddy, kakak and adik.. Be a good boy and enjoy the view of mosques there.. hope you will be Imam in one of the mosque.. amin!

30th April.. Amil arrival..

More to come..
- The nerve racking action of EPL, UEFA Champions League for Manchester United
- The under performed Kimi Raikonnen.. why oh why

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Terlajak kata...

I've done some damage to a person I hardly knew.. My over react emotion have made me became a jerk. I hate what I have done but it was done.

But, if I never said anything, my over react emotion will never go away. Maybe I have done the correct thing. At least I have made some effort. Today maybe the day where I know how the situation will go in the future. Will it be on my side? I hope so. But if not, I believe with what Allah have fated to me.

To the person, if you ever read this, I deeply regret with what had happened and again I apologize for that.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Introducing NUR AQILAH

1st day...

Kakak Anisah yg sangat excited

Her day @ JB

And Abang Amil yg at first tak leh terima hakikat..

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Facts of Two + One

This pregnancy was the hardest one from the start to the end.. hope she'll be a good daughter..

Nur Aqilah
D.O.B: 4th January 2009 bersamaan 7 Muharam 1430 (EDD: 8th January 2009)
P.O.B: Hospital Putrajaya at 11:15am (in labor since 11.05am)
Weight: 3.17kg Length: 48cm Head: 33cm
Admitted: Due to lack of Air Ketuban
Moments to remember: Kena induce sebab air tak cukup and bukaan tak cukup lagi.. After masuk ubat, have to rest one hour on bed.. Then nurse suruh jalan2.. jalan sekejap dah sakit.. around 9 am plus.. dah mula terasa sakit yg agak teruk.. panggil nurse.. dia kata kalau induce mmg camtu.. okey lar try tahan lagi.. then about 10 plus dah tak leh tahan sangat.. panggil nurse lagi.. nurse dtg monitor.. then cakap kat dia. tolong lar dah tak nak terberak sangat.. then the nurse decide tolak ke labor.. sampai labor.. terus bidan suruh push kuar.. call ardi masa tgh teran.. tak lama lepas tu baby kuar.. ardi pun tak sempat nak dtg.. so sorang2 lar kali ni.. sob sob.. tapi alhamdulillah selamat.. katanya ada koyak sket sebab terangkat punggung masa teran.. takpe lar nak wat camne..
How the name arrive: Wanted a simple name again. Cari dan pikir nye pikir dan cari.. akhirnye after discuss with Ardi we came out with this name
Makna nama: Nur - Cahaya, Aqilah - cerdas, pandai
Breastfeeding Duration: still breastfeeding... till.. tak tau lagi..

Friday, January 02, 2009

Looking Back at 2008

In my first post of 2008.. refer here

See if I'm successful..

My vision for 2008
1) I am trying to diversify my investments. --> Well, I invested in Unit Trust..
2) More 'religious' --> Too subjective to define..
3) No or less " Cuti-cuti Malaysia" this year.. we had a lot last year --> Yup, very much less but managed to get one or two vacations
4) Rebuild my relationships with people around me --> Build more and lose some which I don't regret..
5) Be more nice towards others --> I think I'm being nicer to people but.. I don;t think people were being nice to me..
6) Searching my old friends --> Thru facebook.. great job facebook!
7) Save more --> Err.. totally failed..

So for this year.. well I really don't do resolution... But this is what I plan to do this year..

1) Nak deliver kan baby.. hahaha.. which should be very soon
2) Tried to find part time job which can be converted to full time job so that I don't need to stuck with office policy..
3) Be more organized with the budget..
4) Go travel..
5) Have more time to educate the kids..
6) Be more fit..
7) Need to get back my ideal weight in order to get hubby to stop smoking.. eheh..
8) More hang out with my close family and friends..