Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cerita Hari Selasa - 29 January 2008

Story 1

I am clumsy and careless. I know that for a long time. But it seems like it doesn't want to go away. And it happened again last Tuesday.

I was already late to work. But I still need to grab something (my Little Trees Business) from the back of my car since some of my 'clients' want their order. So being me, I opened the back trunk, locked the main door, and throw the keys on the back dashboard and shut the trunk. Only to realize that I left the car keys in the car when I was about to go home. Since my colleague also failed to help me to open the door the way the criminal always do. hahah.. So I ended up taking the bus to Taipan to meet Ardi to get the spare keys. The saddest thing, my daughter asked me this (when we picked her up), "Macam mana mummy boleh tertinggal kunci dalam kereta?" My almost 4-year old asked me this. errmm... I can only said, "Entah lar mummy pun tak tau!"

Story 2

I bathed Anisah yesterday morning before she's going to school. All the sudden she told me this. "Kesian kan mummy aliah tu (err.. sorry na! she did mention aliah's name). Kena duduk je kat bawah.. kaki dia darah.. pastu kepala dia kena kuarkan air kan mummy kan.. pastu rambut dia kena potong pastu ada plaster kat kepala dia kan.. sian baby aliah tu kan!" Err... she actually referred to Ina and baby Dania. I was so amazed she told me this since I think I told her about Ina's sickness when we visited Ina at SJMC few weeks back. So I am amazed.

Story 3

I always asked Anisah what she learns in school. I asked her almost every day. Ooo by the way, we sent her to a new school Tadika Al-Husni which is an Islamic Kindergarten and the preferred language is English. The subject includes Iqra', Malay, English, Jawi, Mental Arithmetic, Thematic, Solat and they have Gardening. Back to the actual story. So I asked her what she learns in school, she always said "Emmm takde buat apa-apa.. kita duduk-duduk je.." So Ardi and me was very furious. So on Tuesday morning, when we sent her to school, I accidentally met her teacher. And her teacher told us that "Anisah ni pernah sekolah ke? Semua dia tau.. Boleh masuk 5 year old nye class ni.. sebab dia bijak semua dia tau.." So as a mother, I smile the whole day. I am a proud mother!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Comeback?? Are you sure??

I love to read my friend's blog. I also love it my friends read my blog. But do I really have time to do this???

Dear friends,
Maybe you guys no longer hope in my blogs anymore since my long silence. This is my latest updates.

1) Anisah is going to be 4 next month
2) Amil just turned 2 last month
3) I am changing my job again
4) Ardi is also changing his job
5) We are in the process of buying a new house
6) I am planning for our number 3
7) My grandma is not well
8) I have facebook and friendster under "KAY ABAS"

My vision for 2008
1) I am trying to diversify my investments.
2) More 'religious'
3) No or less " Cuti-cuti Malaysia" this year.. we had a lot last year
4) Rebuild my relationships with people around me
5) Be more nice towards others
6) Searching my old friends
7) Save more

I will try the best I can to continue write or type in this blog. I am not advanced as you all there. So much for being an IT person (never regard myself as one though!).

But I try.