Monday, June 23, 2008

1st Annual Sports Day

One good thing about school is they have Sports Day! And I really love Sports Day. It is the day where everybody is stress free from books, grumpy teachers etc. During my days, I tried to involve in as many events as I could. Not so much a runner, but I did entered 4x400m and managed to get 3rd place. I love the cheering part though!! And usually I volunteered myself. And in Banting, I was the Sports Committee members. And the best part was I (and few others) were the one who set who's to be in which team. Haha. And for my team, pilih lar yg gempak2 punye.. hehehe.. tipu sket.. jangan marah ye kawan-kawan... Nowadays, I am no longer active. All my athletic muscles turn to FAT. But I still enjoy Sports very much. Dengan adanya Sports Channel yg melambak kat Astro tu, dapat lar tengok all the interesting Sports and cheering for Man United (uhuuu!!), Kimi Raikonnen, and now for the Euro - Go Germany!! (tak sabar nak dapat authentic German jersey dari EE) So when Anisah's school having a Sports Day! I marked the calender. It is my dream to be in my kids sports day. And Anisah dapat masuk pasukan KUNING!! sama macam mummy and daddy dulu2.. So on Father's Day (15/6/2008), we went for her school's Sports Day. The first event is Marching. Nak bergambar punya pasal, sampai terlanggar2 orang depan dia. Then they sang the school's song, recite oath, baca doa. It's really cute. Then, the boys performed a silat. The girls kena menari. Sungguh lar aku tak sangka, anak aku yang lasak terlompat sana-sini rupanya pandai menari dan lembut pulak tu.. Watch the vids! Maaf ye mummy ni sangat amatur bab video-video ni.

Then she participate dalam acara "ari dalam guni dan baling bola masuk baldi"... and she and her team won!!! Tak sia-sia mummy bersorak bagai nak apa. And she was superbly fast masa lari dalam guni tu.. tapi agak kureng terer bila kena baling bola.. hmmm.. nak kena training lagi ni.. gambar disusun ikut sequence. 2nd pic.. sebab terlalu laju anak aku tu melpmat dlm guni.. sampai tak terambik gambar.. And since mummy also cannot forget her school's Sports Day, she also want to participate. And won!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Amil's ramblings

Scenario 1

Nenek: Assalamualaikum amil..
Amil: waakum shalam..
Nenek: Amil dah makan?
Amil: Hello Nenek! {very clear}
Nenek: Amil dah makan belum?
Amil: abshuy ushi asdajkasd {very low tone}
Nenek: Amil cakap apa tu?
Amil: OK BABAI {very loud}

Scenario 2

Amil: Mummy ooo mummy!
Mummy: Ye amil..
Amil: Mummy... abshuy ushi asdajkasd {again low tone}
Mummy: Ha ye lar.. {not understanding a thing}
Amil: abshuy ushi asdajkasd ahsahshahahbusbbas
Mummy: Amil nak susu ke?
Amil: emm.. nak syusyu! {and smile}
Mummy: ooo cakap lar nak susu..

Scenario 3

Amil: Mummy.. nak azhan! {nak azan, baca ngan slang omputih ye}
Mummy: belum lagi lar.. baru kul 10pg.. nak azan apa..
Amil: Mummy.. nak azhan! {skali lagi sila baca ngan slang omputih}
Mummy: haa.. yelar.. Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!
Amil: Mummmyyyyyy.. {nada tak puas hati! and go away}

Friday, June 13, 2008

3rd and 31st

I am expecting my 3rd baby. It will due in first week of January 2009. Anisah wants a baby girl. Lately, Amil acts very extra 'manja', be it with me or Ardi. Recently, kalau dia nak tido, he will open my shirt slightly until he can see my tummy then he will kiss and hug my tummy. So sweet!! As for Anisah, she will cuddle beside me and kiss my tummy and said,"Baby.. ni kakak ni..." I hope both of them can be a good elder sis and bro to the little one.

But this preganancy is more tiring than the earlier two. Up to this day, I have taken 3 MC (2 days for vomitting and 1 day for gastrik). Well, some might say, it's normal.. but not for me... I have never taken any MC during my two earlier pregnancy. This time I feel so exhausted, I have no appetite, I vomit more than usual and I am extra moody. By end of the working day, I have no more energy to even lift my head. Once I reach home, I can only lie on my bed and take a small nap. Can it because I am 31 already?? Oh dear!!!

Change of blog address

Dear Friends,

Due to some personal issue, I change my blog to a new address. I will later make this blog private so please drop me your email address in the comment, so that I will add you guys in my private list.