Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Facts of Two + One

This pregnancy was the hardest one from the start to the end.. hope she'll be a good daughter..

Nur Aqilah
D.O.B: 4th January 2009 bersamaan 7 Muharam 1430 (EDD: 8th January 2009)
P.O.B: Hospital Putrajaya at 11:15am (in labor since 11.05am)
Weight: 3.17kg Length: 48cm Head: 33cm
Admitted: Due to lack of Air Ketuban
Moments to remember: Kena induce sebab air tak cukup and bukaan tak cukup lagi.. After masuk ubat, have to rest one hour on bed.. Then nurse suruh jalan2.. jalan sekejap dah sakit.. around 9 am plus.. dah mula terasa sakit yg agak teruk.. panggil nurse.. dia kata kalau induce mmg camtu.. okey lar try tahan lagi.. then about 10 plus dah tak leh tahan sangat.. panggil nurse lagi.. nurse dtg monitor.. then cakap kat dia. tolong lar dah tak nak terberak sangat.. then the nurse decide tolak ke labor.. sampai labor.. terus bidan suruh push kuar.. call ardi masa tgh teran.. tak lama lepas tu baby kuar.. ardi pun tak sempat nak dtg.. so sorang2 lar kali ni.. sob sob.. tapi alhamdulillah selamat.. katanya ada koyak sket sebab terangkat punggung masa teran.. takpe lar nak wat camne..
How the name arrive: Wanted a simple name again. Cari dan pikir nye pikir dan cari.. akhirnye after discuss with Ardi we came out with this name
Makna nama: Nur - Cahaya, Aqilah - cerdas, pandai
Breastfeeding Duration: still breastfeeding... till.. tak tau lagi..

Friday, January 02, 2009

Looking Back at 2008

In my first post of 2008.. refer here

See if I'm successful..

My vision for 2008
1) I am trying to diversify my investments. --> Well, I invested in Unit Trust..
2) More 'religious' --> Too subjective to define..
3) No or less " Cuti-cuti Malaysia" this year.. we had a lot last year --> Yup, very much less but managed to get one or two vacations
4) Rebuild my relationships with people around me --> Build more and lose some which I don't regret..
5) Be more nice towards others --> I think I'm being nicer to people but.. I don;t think people were being nice to me..
6) Searching my old friends --> Thru facebook.. great job facebook!
7) Save more --> Err.. totally failed..

So for this year.. well I really don't do resolution... But this is what I plan to do this year..

1) Nak deliver kan baby.. hahaha.. which should be very soon
2) Tried to find part time job which can be converted to full time job so that I don't need to stuck with office policy..
3) Be more organized with the budget..
4) Go travel..
5) Have more time to educate the kids..
6) Be more fit..
7) Need to get back my ideal weight in order to get hubby to stop smoking.. eheh..
8) More hang out with my close family and friends..