Friday, January 21, 2005

Hari Raya Aidiladha

been busy..

esok dah nak raya haji.. how time flies very fast.. am not going back to JB for this raya... ardi takde cuti.. so i left alone with anisah and my in-laws (Hmmm!!)... dah lar tu cuti sampai ari isnin.. bosan giler lar nanti ni..

anyways.. i am not feeling well today.. nose blocked and dizziness... and to make it more interesting i have interview session this afternoon with traderoof company at uptown.. hope i can do well..

ayah dah kuar from hosp selayang more than a week ago.. he's now in JB.. i think it's better for him to be back to JB since that is his home... from my bro.. he eats more now.. so hope he gain weight and energy so that he can recover soon.. he will have to do checkup every 3 months.. and we opt to do in selayang rather than in JB..

cannot write more.. still dizzy... SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILADHA to all...

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Minah Rempit!! Posted by Hello

she's no longer baby of the week.. well dah nama pun baby of the week.. so last for a week je lar kan... anyway.. for those yang tak sempat nak tengok just check out then go to baby bloomer section and click archive.. just browse you will find her.. vote for her okey.. she's been babbling nowadays.. sometimes non-stop for hours.. i was amazed.. so do ardi... we always wonder.. where she gets the talent from.. well ardi n me is not a kind of person who talks a lot.. after much thought we believe it comes from her onyang.. both sides in fact.. on the other sides.. she's going to be 11 months tomorrow.. how time flies very fast.. still feel that she was born few hours ago... still can feel the moments in the labor room... still remember times when i was craving for things during pregnancy.. still remember why all the sudden i feel hungry even though i had just eaten.. still remember my wedding day.. still remember the moments when I was and still am officially Ardi Irwan's wife.. still remember the small ceremony for my merisik time.. still remember my first date... still remember when i accept his proposal to be friend with me.. and still remember... lots more...

2005 is here....

Been away quite sometime.. been very very tired lately.. pass few days I hav been driving around KL but not actually in KL..




letih.. letih.. the driver is me.. penat tak ingat nya laaa...

ayah still kat hospital.. been quite sometime... last sunday.. he got fever.. pastu sesak nafas.. we went panicked and worried.. emak especially.. the nurse monitored his heart.. normal but he needs support to breath easily.. found out that his lung got infection..

finally we managed to talk to one of the doctor.. he said the only problem with ayah is he lack of exercise and don't eat very much.. doctor said it's all in his mind.. if he wants to recover early he needs to eat and exercise.. so we (my sister and me) talked to him.. we explained to him his condition.. try to understand why he is still in the hospital and try to psychology him to eat more and exercise more.. i hope he will understand what we are trying to do...

i am done now....