Wednesday, December 14, 2005


looking at my lilypie.. am due in 26 days... time flies really fast huh... sometimes i wish to give birh soon.. cause am very tired and very exhausted.. but at the same time, i wish that my dear baby will come as schedule or at least in 2006.. well i ahve this crazy idea to have a gap between them (anisah and her adik) for 2 years (at least by year).. so that it won't burden us so much when come to their education expenses.. waaaaa... i know it's still a long way to go.. but to live in current decades and economy all that have to be taken into consideration... right??

there are still a lot more for me to do before the baby come out.. well.. i've got to settle some stuff.. errr.. not work stuff.. but more to ardi's and anisah's stuff... basically during the confinement period.. i will be in JB... for the full 60 days.. yipiiieeee...

many people don't like their confinement period.. but i simply love it.. well firstly because i've got to stay in JB for a long time.. which means a break from my in-laws.. hhehehhehe.. and i love to food that i've got to eat.. am not that fussy about food.. as long as it comes with black pepper sauce and hot food... i can deal with that... and i don't mind to get massages... the only thing i will miss is my dear hubby... cause i have to leave him in shah alam... so that will be the only thing worries me... well my cocern is.. who's going to wash his clothes, who's going to prepare his meal, who he's going out with (hehehe!) and hope he will not forget his vitamins etc.. i know her's staying with his mom.. but am still his concern wife.. kan? kan? kan? oh well.. surely our phone bill will increase tremendously... just like before..

i-allah i will write my final post before i am due... in the meantime... take care all!!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Anisah's cousin

finally anisah have a cousin and i have a nephew.. well..i've been waiting for a nieces/nephews since 5 years ago when my brother got married.. eventually i've got pregnant first before my sister-in-law... then my younger brother got married early this year and his wife was pregnant.. and she gave birth to a handsome baby boy by the of ADI..

adi je ke?? that's what everybody asked my brother.. and YES is his answer.. so his name is ADI BIN ZULKHAIRI.. which means.. "nama sahabat nabi" or in sanskrit (according to my bro, "first son")..

this are his pics and anisah really2 adores the little buddy... she kept kissing him until he cried and cried and cried.. ihihhi.. that's my daughter..

Raya Pics

in my last blog.. i didn't post any pictures since i always forget to upload it at my PC.. finally i've done it.. so here are some pics.. then i realized... we hadn't had pics just the three of us (me, ardi & anisah) and also anisah alone with her new baju kurung.. silliu me! :(

anisah and daddy

anisah and mummy

mummy and aunties and uncles

Monday, November 14, 2005

Raya 2005

today is 12 Syawal 1426...

this raya was not the same as before.. for the first time ever, we had to celebrate it without our beloved father who passed away 7 months earlier.. we had to spent this raya here in Shah Alam/KL since my sister-in-law was due soon.. and it was different.. although we spent the raya together on the 1st Syawal (except for Abang).. it was different... we didn't got to eat either ayah's (definitely) and mak's (even!) dishes.. what we ate was what other families cook for us.. yes it was different.. and i didn't get to fill up my empty stomach like i used to do.. cause it was different..

i managed not to cry during the raya.. but i did cried few days before raya.. somebody reminded me of ayah and it was really sad.. the only happy moments for me during the raya was to dressed up my little girl, anisah.. to see her with her baju kurung (first ever!).. and to see her had such a wonderful time with ardi's cousin..

this weekend, am going back to JB.. my brother is going to host an open house (plus house warming and doa selamat)... although it will be 2 weeks after raya.. but to go back to JB for the occassion makes me feel like 'balik kampung' for the raya..

i just wish.. next year.. although the feeling might be the same.. but the environment will be different...

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Influenced by Nana

No 1
You Are 24 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

No 2

Your Japanese Name Is...

Hisano Kujo

No 3
You Are 40% Weird

Normal enough to know that you're weird...
But too damn weird to do anything about it!

No 4
You Are Cinderella!
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Dignified and hard working. With a gentle and soft-spoken manner you have something many people don't. Patience. Even through the moments of heartbreak you're still able to hold onto all of your hopes and dreams. Bide your time; your dream will come true.

Which Disney Princess Are You?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Been away for quite some time huh!.. well am not the kind of person who write much.. plus there's nothing interesting going on in my life now..

when ramadan begin.. i vow to once again.. to fast full 30 days.. i've done it for the last 2 years (1st year while preggies with anisah, 2nd year while breastfeed anisah and had no period at the time).. but this year i failed although am pregannat for the second time.. i've got conjunctivitis last week, so i couldn't fast for about 5 days.. although some people wonder why.. well.. kena letak ubat mata kan.. kat mata kan ada liang rongga.. so tak leh lar puasa.. sob sob.. but i will stick to my second vows to try khatam quran.. so far i am in the right track.. only missing a day.. but can be recover during the weekend..

last weekend i went home to JB (after leave the place since July).. it was great to berbuka with my family.. everybody was there.. mak, abang, kak ina, kak lina, me, ardi, anisah n ee also ijam (ee's friend).. only boy (my bro-in-law who had to work) and su (my sis-in-law who 8 1/2 months pregnant) couldn't join us.. we had some great food.. with mak masak her lontong and bubur asyura, akak with her umai, me with my ketam black pepper (requested by my abang), abang with his house.. and ee with his supersodalicious air bandung.. and uncle was also joined us with his only staying with him son.. and anisah also had a good time.. munching telur rebus with some sambal..

although the trip was a quick one.. i had a great time.. but at the same time.. i felt very tired.. but i know we at least made mak happy for a while.. this raya won;t be the same since ayah has just passed away.. so to cheer her up is a priority.. but we will spend the raya here in KL/Shah Alam/Bangi since my sister-in-law will due soon..

perhapes.. we meet after raya.. Selamat Berpuasa (lagi 15 hari ni!!) and Selamat Hari Raya.. to those who know me.. i would like to apologize if there are any mstakes verbally, phsically or mentally to any of u..

Friday, September 23, 2005

Never Ending!

i've been sicked again.. this time it's worst i guess.. last tuesday we had dinner at one of ardi's aunt's house... of course there were lots of food.. and i tried a bit here and there.. then my bowel started to have fun.. and it happened several time and i vomitted too.. and till now.. it still occurred..

now i am afraid to eat.. because if i ate.. either i passed out from bottom or top.. but i have to eat for the sake of my baby... but i feel very very sick now...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Past, present and future

i've been tagged by Nana

20 years ago: 1985 (I was 8)
Can't remember much.. but I knew I had a lot of friends that last until my secondary year.. not a great student.. always scold by my teacher.. was very bad girl at the time.. most teachers didn't like me n my groupies.. but i think my class teacher was Pn Nila.. she was our class teacher until we're standard 6..

10 years ago: 1995 (I was 18)
I went to English Course sponsored by MARA.. not a great one.. it was a waste of time.. should get a job or something.. got my license.. but too scared to drive, after the english course, i worked for my uncle for couple of months before accepted to MARA College Banting where I met my good friends, my hubby.. most important, that was the year where I had the biggest crush ever in my life.. where my 'antenna' was working whenever he passed by.. but i never realized somebody have an even bigger crush on me.. my dear hubby.. we formed so-called clubhouse, CH106ers.. i ripped of my pants just to catch a stalker.. dah lar tu masa tu tengah syok makan satay..

5 years ago: 2000 (I was 23)
I finished my degree at WMU.. i met some good friends like Sobi, Kak Lin, Kak Long, Josh, Kristy, Carl, Mike, Dorothy.. and there was this cute nigger guy who had crush on me. asked me out several times, but i dare not to.. so sad i had to leave the country where i gained valuable experience also sad that my parents never got to witness my graduation day.. but at the same time am excited to go home for my bro's wedding and most of all to meet my distance boyfriend, ARDI IRWAN (whom had crush on me kat Banting).. got my first job at an insurance company but had to quit after three months to go back to JB to live with my parents..

3 years ago: 2002 (I was 25)
Not an interesting year.. am busy working with current company.. back and forth to KL to meet my dear bf.. and sibuk simpan duit for my wedding.. that's about it i guess.. oh yeah.. i went to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah that year for a workshop..

Last year: 2004 (I was 27)
Giving birth to my lovely daugther, Nur Anisah.. my sister got married with my senior.. my grandfather passed away (all this happen in 3 months period).. watching anisah's milestone every month or is it every day.. hmmm!! and towards end of the year, received devastating news.. my father got liver cancer...

This year: 2005 (I am 28)
My father still received treatment at the hospital.. my brother, EE got married in February with a lovely girl.. my father passed away in April.. I've got pregnant again.. had some complications at first but then everything is safe now.. not satisfied with current company.. still mourning over my father's death..

Next year: 2006 (I will be 29)
Insya allah will give birth to another soul.. now have to deal with two kids.. hopefully ardi will keep up with me.. will try again to find another job.. hope my older brother and sister will have kids on their own

10 years from now: 2015 (38 ek?)
I just hope to have better life.. anisah will be 11+ by then and her brother or sister will be 8 kot.. and probably more adik to follow... Will ARDI still loves me? hopefully.. and insya allah i will still love him... hope to have my own home, hope to still have my current friends.. and most importantly, hope i will have a healthy and berkat life.. insya allah..

Langkawi Island!

last weekend, i went for a trip to langkawi with my colleagues.. we had family day there.. we're off on thursday night at 1 am and reached kuala perlis around 9.30am.. here's the journey..

Friday, 2nd September 2005 (Putrajaya - Kuala Perlis - Jeti Kuah - Aseania Resort)

Our bus arrived around 1 am at Putrajaya (after waited for almost 2 hours).. anisah was great she only woke up once before we departed (tu pun sebab dengar sore2 sumbang yang memekak!).. then slept again before we even passed NKVE (should be earlier but they put on Pontianak Menjerit.. so tertengok kejap sb dengar sore ngilai).. we had several stops along the way.. and had breakfast and solat subuh at R&R Gurun.. we reached Kuala Perlis around 9.30am and had to wait for the other bus from Johor Bahru before took the ferry to Jeti Kuah at 11.30am.. while most babies and some adults had difficult time in the ferry.. anisah felt asleep.. so she's been great.. finally we arrived at Aseania Resort at almost 1.30pm and had lunch before check-in to our room.. and very very tired.. later that day we had our first game i.e beach volleyball and beach soccer.. of course i didn't play any of the game so i just layan anisah in the pool.. after dinner we had a another game, Conteng-conteng or WIn, Lose or Draw.. our team got no.2.. after a long day.. we finally got to sleep

Saturday, 3rd September 2005 (Aseania Resort)

We had more telematch on this day.. after breakfast we went to the beach and played some games.. anisah was not in the good mood.. she was crancky up.. only for me to find out that she wanted to sleep.. i guess it's the medicine that we gave her.. hehheeh.. so i only watched ardi played all the games.. and our team lose most of the time.. sob sob.. we finished the game by noon.. and after lunch we took anisah again to the pool.. she really had fun in there.. the game continued after asar.. and the prize ceremony was held over the BBQ that night... unfortunately my team got the last place.. iskk.. sebab aku tak main kot.. hehehe...

Sunday, 4th September 2005 (Aseania Resort - LADA - Kilang Gamat - Underwater World - Cable Car - Pekan Kuah - Aseania Resort)

we went to LADA as our first stop.. it bored most of us.. LADA is Langkawi Developmenet AUthority.. my boss wanted us to go there to know the planning sturcture of Langkawi.. only that the taklimat was held too long.. fortunately for me.. anisah was cranky up again.. so even before the taklimat begun.. i had to go out and we managed to go the shopping mall next to the building.. after long waiting hours, we went to Kilang Gamat.. it's not really a kilang but more like small shop taht produced gamat.. we spent a lot of money here to get gamat product and it was fun.. before we went to the underwater world, we had lunch at restoran kampung siam which is next to the underwater world.. then we went to Gunung Mat Chincang where the cable car is.. by that time.. my leg was already killing me.. my right leg was cramped and i can't even walk fast.. but we managed to climb up the mountain via cable car.. and anisah didn't freaked out at all.. even some of my guy collegue pun takut!!.. what a brave girl.. trip to pekan kuah was a frustrating one for us.. my leg really eat me.. and ardi was frustrated because i coudn't help him to pick up some souveniers.. we ended up buying stuff for our parents and siblings.. and went straight to the bus.. after taht we went straight to the hotel.. and packing time..

Monday, 5th September 2005 (Aseania Resort - Jeti Kuah - Kuala Perlis - ALor Star - Putrajaya)

This our final day of the trip.. we left the resort around 8.45am and went to jeti kuah to catch the next ferry at 10am.. we managed to stop by the dataran lang to take some pictures.. we went straight to alor star after reached kuala perlis to had lunch at restoran berputar in menara alor star.. then we headed back to putrajaya and reached there around 10pm after several stops..

overall the trip was fun.. although there was some ugly moments.. hopefully next family day.. we will have anothe fun trip.. insya allah..

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Merdeka Day!

yesterday was merdeka day for malaysia... don't understand why after 48 years there are poeple claims that the years are not right.. don't they understand the meaning of merdeka where we received our independence from the British not the built of Malaysia.. this is what happen when you don't totally understand the history..

well am not that patriotic myself.. since i was a singaporean born 28 years ago... i always assume that singapore is my first country and malaysia is next.. but as i grew older i think where you reside most is where your actual country is.. my experience with the merdeka day was when i was 11 years old.. i was one of the participant for the national parade which was held in Johor Bahru.. at the time the Agung was Sultan Johor.. it was a great fun.. yeah yeah.. skipped class, meet new friends and all that was fun.. our school was selected to perform the 'gimrama' along with 2 more schools.. at the time gimrama was very new.. and not even faiznur miskin knew what it was.. i still remembered that i had to wear this very short skirt and had to put on some makeup.. and we had to sleep at the classroom at one of the school a day before merdeka.. it was fun and that was something that i will never forget for a very long time... at the time i realised i am proud to be a malaysian...

so i spent my merdeka eve by having dinner with some of ardi's friends at Restoran Tasik Indah in Shah Alam... that was my favorite restaurant and very delighted when ardi told me we will have dinner there... although i don't really favor the company.. but what the heck.. it's free.. and we had that almost every year for the past three years (the first year we had ramadan buffet dinner and it was awesome!)..

on merdeka day itself, i went to KLCC with anisah nad my mom... we thought of meeting my sister there and we wanted to go to the KLAquaria.. so we took lrt from kelana jaya to klcc and it was anisah's first ride on the rail.. i knew she was excited but since shw just woke up from sleep.. she kept it to herself but you can see from her face... definitely klcc was full packed of people.. so i went straight to the aquaria to buuy ticket for all of us.. only to find out that the queue to ticket counter was till half way the tunnel... so i asked the staff how far is the queue.. and he said it will take about 10 minutes walk.. and another 2-3 hours for the ticket.. i was like.. hmmmm.. so i called my sis to cancel out the plan.. so we ended up wandering klcc and went home.. so that's it for my merdeka celebration...

tonite till monday nite... i'll be away.. we are having office family day in langkawi... so guys.. have a great weekend..

Monday, August 29, 2005


Am trying to learn english by myself.. i guess i have nothing better to do dur to not issues that occur in the office or at home.. so i flipped over THE STAR last thursday and found this longman test.. and found it interesting to try.. so from now on every thursday i will try to solve the unscramble letters to get the answer.. here are the question for last week.. make a guess guys!

1. A small amphibian animal with a long body, short legs and a tail - ETNW, Answer: _ _ _ _

2. Someone who is between 60 and 69 years old - AGNRAIXSEENA,
Answer: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

3. Someone who praises powerful people toom uch because they want to get something from them - PTYSACNOH, Answer: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

4. A small square box used to hold soft fruits such as strawberries - NTPNEU, Answer:_ _ _ _ _ _

5. Someone with strict moral views who thinks that pleasure is unnecessary and wrong - IRPTUNA, Answer: _ _ _ _ _ _ _

6. A Greek musical intrument similar to a guitar - KZUOBIOU, Answer: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

7. Produce a lot of bubbles and make a continuous sound - ZFZI, Answer: _ _ _ _

8. Determined not to change an opinion or decision - MDANATA, Answer: _ _ _ _ _ _ _

9. A sleep walker - NASMBTUSIOML, Answer: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

10. A small circular cap worn by some Jewish man - KRAYLUME, Answer: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

i've got all the answers in my hand, correct answers will not win anything from me, you want prizes grab yourself The Star every thurdays ok

Thursday, August 25, 2005


am at work now.. but am not in the mood to do anything sinceeee.. this morning... so i spent the whole day searching the net about langkawi and chat with friends and sister and now i have no idea what to do..

have you ever experience the same???

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Gear Box

our car broke down again.. this time is the gear box.. hmmm.. fortunately i was still at the office.. just about to go home.. when all the sudden after i put the gear on reverse.. it stuck! i couldn't move.. and the car started to shake.. oh damn it... we already warned by our mechanic that the gear box will only wait for its time... and unfortunately for us it happened when we were totally broke as this month we had spent so much money on medical expenses...

now we have no car to go and fro work.. fortunately my office has a car that we can use.. but i can only use it until this friday since someone else need to use it over the weekend and this weekend i have a monthly checkup and mak is coming over so do my brother from brunei.. la lala lal alla ala ... camne ni??

so anyone have spare car over the weekend that i can use until monday morning and return on monday evening??? call me at 0136681365 or ardi at 0133862066

Monday, August 08, 2005

All Great!

finally it's over as to this date lar...

anisah's condition is better.. she started to eat over the weekend and i think she eats better than before, her mouth ulser pain already disappeared.. and she is anisah again... well what i mean by that is.. she's active as usual and she runs and talks as my dear anisah.. so am a happy mummy..

ardi's also getting better.. his mc is finally over and he starts to work today after almost 2 weeks break... so am a happy wife..

but the worst part is me.. am getting this back pain and it strucks my right leg... and it's very painful and i can't stand it especially when i am walking.. poor me.. i guess it might be because of my lack of rest.. but i cannot take any leave as i think i took a lot of half days for past weeks... so am a poor me..

AF is finished.. so our weekend ni will full of EPL actions.. which i like better... Chelsea won the charity shield... but i didn't watch the game last night.. too tired to open my eyes... well.. either team is not my favorite.. am still voting for Man U.. although the team was not good as few years ago.. wonder if they can win any silverware this year.. btw.. malaysian idol is much btter to watch than AF... ihihihih


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

herpes simplex

want to write sick part IV.. but then.. hmmm.. tak jadi lar...

anyway.. my dearest daughter is sicked again... now she got what the dr called as 'herpes simplex'... from my eyes view.. she got blister at both of her lips and ulcers below her tongue.. so she can't eat and drink anything as usual.. am so sad and tired at the same time.. she's been crying and crying and crying when am around.. i think she must be very hungry and thristy.. so the best we can do is to feed her milk using the syringes (sp??)... poor my darling..

but her mother is frustrated even more.. i had less sleeps nowadays.. and am being pregnant pulak tu... then have to listen to all the nagging from the in-laws how to take care of your kids, the nursery is not good, she wants to take care of anisah if she's still young, how good she took care of her kids dulu and so on and so on and so on.. of course i am frustrated.. sbb i am emotionally distrubed with anisah condition and i am physically and mentally tired.. i wish we don't stay with the in-laws.. and my mom can come oer and take care of anisah while she's sick.. their nagging makes me even more do not want anisah to stay home with them.. what to do.. am a cruel daugther-in-law.. sorryyy....

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

sick.. part III

got part three heh!

well... last week can be considered am not in the office at all..

monday.. EL.. ardi's sick... so as a good wife.. have to stay home and take care of him...

tuesday... work as usual... evening took anisah from her nursery.. her left eye was red.. wait for ardi to finish his japanese class and straight to the clinic... confirmed.. conjunctivitis...

wednesday.. discussion in the morning... took half day to go home and take care of anisah.. my in-laws were not that strong to control my little girl...

thursday.. as per wednesday...

friday.. as per wednesday and thursday..

saturday.. had medical check-up.. had to leave anisah with my in-laws again.. she already cranky up since been in the house for some days now.. keep crying asked me to bring her out..

sunday... already tired with anisah's behaviour... no choice but had to bring her out.. we went to pantai hockey stadium to watch daddy playing hockey.. but her condition getting worst.. her eyes are blackened... looked like somebody punch her eyes.. saw blood clot on her cornea... what's this??

monday.. brought her to paediatric.. the doctor afraid something more than conjunctivitis.. referred her to eyes specialist... went to SJMC.. thhe doctor look 2 seconds on her eyes.. and said "Oh, this is nothing. it's just common conjunctivitis",.. hmmm.. we paid 100+ just to hear that... oh well.. mummy and daddy have no choice but to drop the medicine into her eyes.. she'll be okey in 2 weeks according to the doctor...

tuesday.. have to bring her to the nursery... my grandma-in-law's blood pressure increase due to the lack of sleep.. we believe becuase of anisah.. hehehhe...

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

sick.. part II

am still not recovering from my sickness.. it's been 2 weeks now.. my cough is getting worst... and it cause me severe headache.. last week i had to take medical leave.. not sure if i can do that again.. lying at home make me feel even sick...

i went back to jb last weekend.. we had a kenduri tahlil for my late ayah after 100 days.. the kenduri held on saturday which coincides with my father birthday (9th july)..

i managed to fulfill my appetizer as a preganant lady...

1 - sup daud (the owner's name).. check .. this is the best soup i ever had.. kalah sup gearbox...
2 - bubur nasi ... check
3 - kurma kambing.. check
4 - cendol.. check

but cannot fulfill my desire to eat yong tauhu jb style... where it serves with soup

i love to be preganant... hehehehe

Thursday, July 07, 2005

my daugther

This is my dearest daughter, Nur Anisah... actually she doesn't like to wear hats and sunglass but we were on our way to a friend's wedding and she wore it because she knew she will be the center of attention.. she really knows how to attract people's attention...

anyway.. while i wrote this, she is on her way to johor bahru with my sister and brother-in-law.. she'll be meeting her nenek and onyang soon... bet there are happy.. but wonder how she will behave when the nights come and she suddenly realized mummy is not around... tunggguuuuuuuuu

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Why do I feel congested all the time?
Believe it or not, it's pretty common to have a runny or stuffed-up nose during pregnancy. About 30 percent of pregnant women have congestion without any other cold symptoms while they're pregnant. This condition even has a name: rhinitis of pregnancy. It frequently starts in the third month of pregnancy and can last until you have your baby or even a few weeks afterward.

Higher levels of estrogen during pregnancy can contribute to swelling in the mucous membranes lining the nose and even cause you to make more mucus. What's more, the amount of blood in your body increases and your blood vessels expand during pregnancy, which can lead to swollen nasal membranes as well.

That said, a stuffy nose might just mean what it usually means — that you have a cold or allergies. If your stuffy nose is accompanied by sneezing, coughing, sore throat, or mild aches and pains, you probably do have a cold. Check with your practitioner before taking any cold or allergy remedies to see which ones are safe for you.

Pregnancy can also make your allergies worse, or cause you to be sensitive to allergens and other irritants that never bothered you before. Whether or not your congestion is allergy-related, avoiding potential irritants — such as cigarette smoke and alcohol (which you should already be avoiding!) and sudden temperature changes — can help a lot. You should also avoid exercising outdoors on days when there's a lot of air pollution.

What else can I do for relief?
Steam can be very effective at relieving congestion and very soothing. Take a warm shower and hang out for a while afterward in the steamy bathroom. Use a humidifier or vaporizer to put more moisture into the air and keep it near your head at night.

For serious stuffiness, cover your head with a towel and lean over the humidifier for ten to 15 minutes a few times a day. Be sure to keep the humidifier very clean. Change the water daily, since it can be a breeding ground for bacteria, particularly in cool-mist humidifiers. You'll need to replace the filters often as well. For a low-tech alternative, use a bowl of steaming hot water instead, or moisten a washcloth with hot water, hold it up to your face, and breathe.

You can also try saline drops or a buffered saline nasal spray, available over the counter at the drugstore. Spritz or drip a bit into each nostril and within five or ten minutes you should be able to blow your nose more easily.

Remember to drink plenty of fluids and keep your head elevated at night. If congestion continues to make you miserable and keeps you from getting a good night's rest, ask your practitioner which medications are safe for you to try. It's generally best to avoid exposing your baby to any medications during your first trimester, when the organs are forming. If your practitioner says it's okay, you can try a decongestant. Avoid overusing decongestant nasal sprays, though, because they can cause rebound inflammation and make your congestion worse.

As troublesome as this symptom seems, the good news is that it's not dangerous. A stuffy nose will have absolutely no effect on your baby, and your symptoms will probably clear up within a day or two after you give birth.

--> agaknya sebab tu kot aku kena flu.. heheheheh

Monday, July 04, 2005


today i am sicked.. really sick.. my flu is back since yesterday.. and my headache is killing me now.. but i have to go to the office today cause i have a very important meeting to attend to.. i took few hours of sleep afterwards but still it is not enough.. now i am totally exhausted.. but have to wait for few more hours before i can reach home and have a good rest... not sure if i am able to go to work tomorrow..

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

i'm out of title coz i am very angry and upset now..
why they make it difficult..
it's not that hard.. just release a letter then everything is settled..
satu alasan tak boleh diterima..
nanti kalau orang tanya saya nak jawab apa..
that's why you re only fit to be govt servant..

p/s: am very pissed with one the govt servant here sebab takmo bayar claim kitorang with too many excuses.. benci.. benci... benci...

Friday, June 24, 2005

a week of joy?

our weekend starts with ardi went for a futsal friendly match.. then he injured himself sebabnya marahkan teammate dia main tak betul.. tu lar.. kan dah aku susah.. hahaha.. so he supposed to play on sunday for futsal tourney.. but end-up on bed tak boleh bangun cause his lutut was badly sore... so he rested for the day.. so do we.. {my in-laws were not around so i can be lazy at home.. hehehe.. } sedar2 the three of us were asleep and we supposed to go for a wedding.. and it was already 2pm, asked ardi whether he wants to go or I cook.. in the end.. we went for the wedding.. {that's why we're late caza}.. went home.. tried to have more sleep.. hahah.. but failed.. have to go to clinic and asked for MC.. still not recovered..

F1 was definitely s***s.. michelin was so damn stupid.. what's wrong with the engineers.. FIA was even worst... but Ferrarri was really really worst and stupid and ... okey it was not their fault but for the sake of sportmanship.. give in laaa...

here come monday.. ardi was home but he got some problems with his projects at Canon and everybody called him.. he was so frustrated coz tdo kena kacau.. hehe.. he wanted to go to specialist to x-ray his knee but then changed his mind.. and tuesday.. have to go to clinic.. 2 days MC were given.. bestnya... then he kept calling me.. to go home a.s.a.p.. even persuade me to watch star wars... day 1.. manage to tell him.. have lots of work to be done... day 2.. failed.. so by 11.30am, am off to shah alam.. picked him up and straight to Sunway Pyramid.. yah yah yah... {caza.. lambat sangat tunggu ko.. gi dulu ek!}.. check the phone nobody call.. yahuu!! then.. my dr stein melody bunyi... aiseh boss call.. kantoi laa plak... nasib baik on the way out.. lega.. he didn't asked where I was {he was at another office}.. just asked few questions on some issues that we currently have.. okey.. settle... long john silver.. have some fish n chips.. then.. mannnn.. there's a called from office... sapa lak ni... ooo.. my colleague.. aiseh! my bos is at my office now.. looked for me.. wanted to talk with me... well.. he asked where i put this letter.. and this and that,... allah.. tanya lak ada kat mana.. spontaneously.. HOSPITAL.. iskkkk.... then few more calls.. and more and more... why lar this people ek.. when i am at the office nobody wants to call.. but when i am not ath office..suma call.. cam tau2 je..

thursday.. meeting.. meeting... and today...

wrap-up... best gak dapat mengular gi tgk wayang... with hubby lagi.. bukannya senang.. eheheheh.. finally.. revenge of the sith..

{aku tengok yoda cam anisah..}

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

friends - part II

had a great weekend with the CHIs.. pandai korang ek pilih rumah aku.. anyway.. we had fun although it was very short.. well since we can't spend overnight at each other house anymore.. so this is the best we can do now.. hope we can do more of this.. but if we can do at least once a year besides raya and other special occasion that will be nice laa... maybe by then we already growing our CHIs...

Thursday, June 09, 2005


when my friends are fighting, i feel sad...

i don't have many friends so i value all of them..

so is the terms 'friends forever' really exist?

i don't know....

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

i remembered...

uhuuu.. realize i haven't been updating this since.. wow.. 2 months ago.. the first one month, i was in johor bahru.. telling everybody i have course to attend in JB.. but actually all I wanted to was to take care of ayah.. but it never happened.. he passed away 12 hours after I arrived in JB ready to be his 'nurse'..

then, i have doubts whether to stay or to go back to Shah Alam.. abang and akak really wanted me to stay to take care of emak while she's recovering from sadness, ardi said up to me.. after much thought, i stayed for a month.. well to exact for 6 weeks..

when ayah final moment, i was the only real person who was beside him, i was the one who feed him his final drinks with air zam-zam, i remembered he asked emak to go and pray solat Zuhur, i remebered he was sweating like rain but his body was really cold, i remembered when anisah was trying to drink his air zam-zam and he looked at anisah to hold her, but if i knew that was his final moment, i will let an isah played with him for a while, instead i pulled anisah away, i remembered when he told me he can't see a thing, 'GELAP', that's what he said, i switched on the lights and he said it's still dark, i remembered when i tried to give him more air zam-zam, he asked me to stop and he hugged me really hard although early that morning he can't even hold a piece of tissue, i remembered when everybody asked to move away so that he can stretch out his leg, i tried but he kept hugging me, at last i pulled away, we laid him down on the floor, i remembered when i tried to massage him, my uncle said no, i remembered seeing emak was kissing his face over and over to wake him up, i remembered i called abang and akak to tell them to come back as soon as possible (abang had appointment with contractor and akak send our cousin to hospital, that's why i feed him).. i remembered when akak arrived, she was stunned, i remembered when abang arrived, he felt on his knees, i remembered when ee called i can hear his voices were crying, i remembered when i called ardi to come back a.s.a.p with boy (my brother-in-law), i remembered when the dr said he may still alive and asked us to bring to the hospital, i remembered when mak said no when the ambulance had arrived, let him died peacefully, i remembered when the man were showering his final bath, i remembered when they wore him his last clothes, i remembered when we had to kiss him final goodbye, even anisah did that, and we waied for his in-laws (ardi and boy) to arrive for their final kiss, then i remembered we prayed him for the very last time, i remembered when they brought him down and finally put him in the van to his final resting place, i didnt go to the kubur (had period) and accompany mak... that was our final goodbye to him... i know that event will always fresh in mind... and i will always remember ayah...

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Far and Away

to those yang ter'rajin' visit my blog.. nak apologize dulu.. have not updated my blog since mid-february.. sorry guys.. i am too busy with every thing.. especially work.. lately i have no time to think of anything else except buat module training, cari quotation, call vendor, database nak up kan.. blah blah blah blah.. shrap at 5 aku dah kena balik.. what to do! after 5pm, my hours are with my family.. i nkow my boss tak favor langsung.. but i have to deal with it..

tapi kerja gila-gila.. still no increment and bonuses.. sad huh! still looking for jobs.. and almost give-up but at the same time i love where i am now.. the flexibility that i enjoyed, the great colleagues that i have met and so on..

anisah dah 1 tahun 1 bulan and 19 hari... can't get enough of her.. every day every hour every minute.. she is one cheeky girl, know how to make her parents angry and at the same time know how to put a smile on her parents' face.. she's a real charmer... nowadays i don't visit her during lunch hour anymore.. she's being extra naughty when i am around.. so better off for me not to around although i miss doing that and not sure what to do during lunch hour..

hubby skrang ni banyak kerja.. sian kat dia bila balik kilang tu.. one of his colleague dah berhenti, so he has to tanggung all the kerja but the good thing he is no longer under that snobbish engineer who is also our neighbour but very selfish and undermine other people.. think he is too great.. now hubby cannot take extra hour when we need extra money due to canon's policy to limit OT for executive to 40 hours only.. tak cukup oooo...

ayah is recovering but his appetite still not getting better... mom is worried.. so do the rest of us... and having nenek around the house even 'suffer' my parents, after arwah atuk has passed away she's been nagging and scolding every body.. poor ayah and mak have to take all the blame and accusations.. but cannot blame nenek also.. maybe that;s her way of fighting her sad emotions...

we will be going to brunei soon... so i have to write a letter to apply for the long break.. so gotta go

Monday, February 14, 2005

water splash holiday...

thanks to canon's new policy.. i managed to spend the 5 days holiday with my hubby... we spend 2/3 of the holiday at my sister's place at sungai long...

Day 1.. leisure around her house... brought anisah for her swimming lesson after months and months and months.. at first she was very frustrated with herself for not being able to swim.. hehehe... then after a while.. maybe tengok mummy and daddy and uncle2 semua syok swim.. she wanted to join and now she's having fun...

day 2.. we went to sungai tekala waterfall.. the journey was really long.. we arrived around 10am.. there were 18 of us.. once we arrived there.. after having some breakfast we jumped to the river.. it was very cold.. anisah was excited at first.. but then the water was so cold.. she changed her mind.. and her beloved daddy plak.. gi tenggelamkan dia.. nasib baik mummy to the rescue.. brought her up again... changed her.. feed her.. then on the 2nd round baru lar she's okey... malam tu went to midvalley

day 3.. since we were all very tired.. suma orangduduk rumah saja.. except for abang who brought his nephem to sunway lagoon.. and ardi searched for workshop since our car broke down again!!! ptang to swimming time again... but anisah really did not want to enter the pool.. but at least she's having fun at the playground...

day 4.. meminang time... well sort of... my brother.. EE balik mengejut from german... dah lar tu... bagitahu nak kahwin.. so from today (14/2).. we only have less than 5 days to get everything ready... well at least we all are glad for his decision...

day 5.. at home in shah alam.. run all errands before start to work again...

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Happy Birthday Anisah

10.16am on 5th February 2004, a baby girl was born.. the screeching sound of the blade i heard while they cut my "downunder" was wiped away with the sweetest sound i ever heard, the cries of my baby.. the midwife showed me her gender.. yes it was a girl... it happened very fast.. but still.. it is fresh in my memory...

now a year has passed...

Happy Birthday anakku sayang... Nur Anisah Binti Ardi Irwan.. mummy will take care of you forever and i hope you will be a good and solehah daughter.. just do know that... mummy and daddy will love you forever..

Friday, January 21, 2005

Hari Raya Aidiladha

been busy..

esok dah nak raya haji.. how time flies very fast.. am not going back to JB for this raya... ardi takde cuti.. so i left alone with anisah and my in-laws (Hmmm!!)... dah lar tu cuti sampai ari isnin.. bosan giler lar nanti ni..

anyways.. i am not feeling well today.. nose blocked and dizziness... and to make it more interesting i have interview session this afternoon with traderoof company at uptown.. hope i can do well..

ayah dah kuar from hosp selayang more than a week ago.. he's now in JB.. i think it's better for him to be back to JB since that is his home... from my bro.. he eats more now.. so hope he gain weight and energy so that he can recover soon.. he will have to do checkup every 3 months.. and we opt to do in selayang rather than in JB..

cannot write more.. still dizzy... SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILADHA to all...

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Minah Rempit!! Posted by Hello

she's no longer baby of the week.. well dah nama pun baby of the week.. so last for a week je lar kan... anyway.. for those yang tak sempat nak tengok just check out then go to baby bloomer section and click archive.. just browse you will find her.. vote for her okey.. she's been babbling nowadays.. sometimes non-stop for hours.. i was amazed.. so do ardi... we always wonder.. where she gets the talent from.. well ardi n me is not a kind of person who talks a lot.. after much thought we believe it comes from her onyang.. both sides in fact.. on the other sides.. she's going to be 11 months tomorrow.. how time flies very fast.. still feel that she was born few hours ago... still can feel the moments in the labor room... still remember times when i was craving for things during pregnancy.. still remember why all the sudden i feel hungry even though i had just eaten.. still remember my wedding day.. still remember the moments when I was and still am officially Ardi Irwan's wife.. still remember the small ceremony for my merisik time.. still remember my first date... still remember when i accept his proposal to be friend with me.. and still remember... lots more...

2005 is here....

Been away quite sometime.. been very very tired lately.. pass few days I hav been driving around KL but not actually in KL..




letih.. letih.. the driver is me.. penat tak ingat nya laaa...

ayah still kat hospital.. been quite sometime... last sunday.. he got fever.. pastu sesak nafas.. we went panicked and worried.. emak especially.. the nurse monitored his heart.. normal but he needs support to breath easily.. found out that his lung got infection..

finally we managed to talk to one of the doctor.. he said the only problem with ayah is he lack of exercise and don't eat very much.. doctor said it's all in his mind.. if he wants to recover early he needs to eat and exercise.. so we (my sister and me) talked to him.. we explained to him his condition.. try to understand why he is still in the hospital and try to psychology him to eat more and exercise more.. i hope he will understand what we are trying to do...

i am done now....