Wednesday, September 02, 2009


i am running out of ideas on what to write.. that's why i have keep myself silence for few months.. lemme think...

arghhh.. i can't think.. my mind is totally blank..

ooo.. i need to start on the kad raya today.. have too.. cannot delay any longer.. but i have a very hectic routine at home..

aqilah is going to be 8 months in 2 days.. gosh!! time flies really fast.. lemme put this down..

4 months 9 days - she started to roll and roll
4 months 10 days - she holds her own bottle
6 1/2 months - she started to crawl
7 months - she started to stand beside the chair/table or any object that she can hold on to
7 months 3 weeks - she started to take some steps
8 months 16 days - will she walk (on the Raya day)?

now.. with her eyes close (sleep), she rolls and rolls and kicking.. but actually she is sleeping.. her active level higher than abang and kakak..

on the other side.. abang is really wanted to become Ben 10. fight the alien.. now when he's taking picture, it must be then Ben 10 style.. he knows what number to press at the remote.. so it is always.. SIX.. ONE.. THREE.. yeah.. he doesn;t know that Ben 10 at 616.. and as always.. he fights with kakak for the channel..

Kakak.. is really being a kakak.. she can be very helpful when she is very rajin.. she wanted to help in the kitchen.. but don't want to look after he little sis.. she wants to fast.. but still need her milk additive... she reads English very well for a 5 year old.. she won the English Reading Competition couple of weeks ago..