Sunday, February 24, 2008

Past and Present

Sebelum caza ngan nana bising kat aku lagi.. so baik aku cepat2 update.. hahahah...

13th of February, Navi & Map Sdn Bhd.

My last day. It went quite smooth although I still have to train Napi and Akil on that very last day. But sorry guys the training was not completed. It is not easy to do what I had to do. Again, I cursed my very stupid Senior Manager (or whatever he wanted to be called) in front of my HR. So she recorded everything I said. Well, I have nothing to lose. So just say it out right. I did not have a chance to meet my COO since he was not in the office that day. I really wanted to meet him. Well, I will email him sometime later. By 6 o'clock, it was time to say goodbye to everybody. I was in a happy mood. I pity whoever still there. I wish all of them luck. I learnt a lot while I was in that company. Although most of my experience were not that nice. But I think the whole experience give me a new thoughts of what I want to do in the future. Well, I cannot say that now since it is still under plan. Once it is done, insya allah I will announce it. But don't expected much in this few days or months

13th - 17th of February, Trip to Johor Bahru

Leave the office, went straight home to Johor Bahru with the whole family. The traffic was good since it is a normal working days. I went to my old office, met my colleague and my old boss, managed to almost sell out my Little Trees, went to my colleague's house which the landscape is very nice. Anisah got to play golf while we went there. Managed to do some shopping for myself and Ardi. Sorry kids not your shopping day. Met Ardi's cousin to get some new gossip. Went to Singapore to meet my grandmother who is not really well but have to go to Brunei due to some people inconsiderate decision. How wish life is always like this. Not having to worry about your liabilities and all that. Hahahahah.. I can only wish.

18th of February, Intelli-Telematicsasia Sdn Bhd.

First day in the new company. Well, can't say much yet. I try to hang on as long as I can. But we had an exhibition from 21st to 23rd February in PWTC. My duty is on the last day which is Saturday. Well according to my AGM, Overtime is not needed unless really necessary. And I tend to believe him since he told me he's a family man not a career man. Great! At least we have that similiarities. ahhaha... So we'll see how it is going...

Till then.. ardi is outstation for the 2nd time since 5 days ago. He went to Kuantan on Wednesday and went home very late on Friday. And today he is going to Labuan until this Tuesday. Apparently, when daddy is not at home, everybody else tend to not being themselves. They drive mummy crazy. Arghhhhh

Monday, February 11, 2008

McDonald's di Banting

Aku tak puas hati.. skrang ada McD kat Banting. Apsal masa aku kat sana takde McD tu. Bebalik makan KFC. Pastu dah lar tu ada Tesco lar ada Mall lagi.. arghhh.. sama lar cam nasib aku masa kat Kuantan dulu..

oo.. Did I mention the McD is a drive-thru.. arghhhhhhh

p/s: oops.. since nana asked.. aku gi banting ari sabtu ari tu.. ada orang kawin di sana

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Mummy.. Can I be a photographer??

Not sure when she did this. Below are some of the pictures, Anisah took during her 'photography session'

The Organ Setting Keys

The Organ Keys

Guess what's this? It's the bed sheets

Hahahaha.. Adik Kantoi! Finally mummy tau siapa yang gigit pensel tu

Aunty Caza, can you coment.. am I talented??

4th Birthday Party

I celebrated my birthday at my school "Tadika Cahaya Kasih". She wants me to celebrate it with my friends. She bought me cupcakes from Mama Chak Recipe (indirectly recommended by Nana thru Aliah's bidthday party). The cupcakes were really yummy. My friends really love it. Only few lefts for mummy, daddy, wan ma and tok ibu.

Usually the babies (below 2 years old) will not join the party. But since it is my birthday, Adik got special invitation from me. But Adik look so confused. Kenapa adik??? Maybe he wants to blow the candles too. Tapi adik.. ni kan birthday kakak!!

Thank you mummy and daddy. I am happy!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Kakak!!

I am 4 today.

Mummy will update on her birthday party at school later.