Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April Blues

not in blog mood yet.. but too many think happen nowadays.. so many thoughts in mind.. these are some of the highlights..

2nd April.. Al-fatihah to my late father who has passed away 4 years ago.. i miss him dearly..

4th April.. Al-fatihah to my late grandfather who has passed away 5 years ago..

4th April.. Aqilah was 3 months old and weight 6.5kg

8th April.. the unofficial kick off Caza's, Nana's and Kay's party packs business.. hope you guys can give support..

11th April.. Kids' day out.. kite flying session.. it's a bit of rain.. but they were able to fly the kite. will put pics on this..

16th April.. Happy Birthday to my dearest friend.. Ms Shazarina Mohd Azmy.. hope you can find love soon enough so that i can sleep over your house for a week.. heheh

16th April.. Happy Birthday to my dear cousin.. Mrs. Syaimak Abdul Shukor.. hope your PhD study is on track and love your handsome Thaqif..

18th April.. Happy 6th Anniversary to En. Ardi Irwan dan Pn. Khulailah.. hope we will live and pursue our dreams together till the end... Although we are currently facing the toughest test in our relationship, hope it will make us grow even stronger.. Love you sayang! Hope I will find time to post the pics of the celebration.

18th April.. COllect keys for my H.O.M.E. Love it!

20th April.. Amil depart to Brunei for his 10-days break and 1st time leave home without mummy, daddy, kakak and adik.. Be a good boy and enjoy the view of mosques there.. hope you will be Imam in one of the mosque.. amin!

30th April.. Amil arrival..

More to come..
- The nerve racking action of EPL, UEFA Champions League for Manchester United
- The under performed Kimi Raikonnen.. why oh why