Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When he's not around

I don't feel good today. My body is aching, my nose is watery, my head is spinning. And he's not not around to comfort. Can't call him cause he's unreachable till Thursday.

Last nite.. while I was reciting the Quran...

Anisah: Mummy, kakak nak makan roti canai, boleh?
Mummy: Hmm.. okey tapi lepas mummy ngaji and sembahyang ok?
Anisah: Kakak nak roti canai ngan apa tu.. kuah tu.. kuah kari kan..
Mummy: OK. ngan kuah dalca ke?
Anisah: Bukan.. alaaa kuah yang kacang tu..
Mummy: Haaaa.. yelaaaaa...

After Solat Isya', I brought the kids to the nearby Mamak's Restaurant

Anisah: Kalau daddy takde.. kita makan kat kedai laaa.. kalau daddy ada.. makan kat umah je...
Mummy: OK la.. (as what I intend also)

Di Kedai
Mummy: Roti Kosong 2, air nak apa kak?
Anisah: Eh nak roti canai lar mummy..
Mummy: Roti Kosong tu roti canai laaa..
Anisah: ooooo.. ok.. nak milo ais satu.. mummy nak apa??
Mummy: OK.. milo ais 2, tosai 1

At the restaurant, kakak and adik were busy spying on the cat while waiting for the foods. When the food arrived, they washed their hand and started to eat. Surprisingly both of the were behaving very good despite Daddy's not around. And Mummy have no trouble to control them like always. And the restaurant switched on to Star Movie and it was Mutant-X (i think lar sebab kenal hero je) on TV. And while ate, their stucked to the TV. So pretty peaceful night for me. And they both finished their food and drinks with mummy silently helping them. Sebab Amil marah aku amik dianye roti canai.

But I am very tired today due to my sicknes. This morning I was contemplating nak gi kerja ke tak.. but decide to go sebab baru je amik MC tipu 10 days ago to attend Prof Dr. Ahris' funeral.. but now my body cannot stand the pain anymore.. i really have to go.. and as of now.. i have another 1 hour 15 mins before i'm taking a half day off (maybe tukar jadi MC)..

By the way Ardi is at Bintulu (off-shore) until Friday/Saturday... :(

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The 4 years old and 8 months Anisah

Terajin nak bukak babycenter and found this about Anisah's development

Talking the talk
Language skills are progressing to near-grade-school proficiency now. Among the highlights:
• Four-year-olds learn as many as four to six new words every day.
• Sentences are longer and more complex, containing multiple clauses as well as adverbs and adjectives.
• Four-year-olds can reason out hypothetical situations such as, "If this happened, what would you do?"
--> Yup. Mummy dah tak larat nak melayan soalan2 Anisah.. tapi being a mother layan gak aaa.. dah lar tu kalau bertanya ke bercakap ke siap ngan ekspresi muka lagi..

Engrossed in play
Some 4-year-olds spend noticeably more time with games and puzzles than they would have a year ago. They get up from their play less often and can become so engrossed that you wind up being the one interrupting
--> Yup. Agree. Anisah sangat concentrate kalau bermain ngan benda2 camni. Although not often

Artist at work
With improved control over pencils and crayons, your child can now make pictures you can understand without prompting. Her artwork is becoming more recognizable and more detailed. Plus, she probably starts off knowing exactly what she wants to draw: "I'm going to make a picture of our house."
--> Yup. She draws quite well. Much better than mummy. But her coloring really good. Siap ada shading and color tone tu..

Nipping a lisp in the bud
Pronunciation difficulties are still common at four. For example, is your child is still saying "torry" instead of "sorry"? Many children don't master the initial s and z sounds until age 7 or 8. Other sounds that can cause a problem: f, v, l, r, and sh. Usually the culprit is immature control of the muscles used to form sounds
--> Yup. Tapi ni dia dah master dari dulu lagi. Cuma kekadang mengada buat2 pelat.

Playdate refereeing
Playdates should be progressing more smoothly than they did even six months ago. Four-year-olds play more cooperatively and are more self-sufficient. They initiate their own play now, share more readily, and are beginning to empathize with their friends' feelings. That means you spend less time negotiating conflicts or thinking up things for them to do
--> Yup. Nowadays she decide what she wants. If I don't agree that we negotiate and usually mummy wins!

Countdown to math
The average 4-year-old can count up to ten, although he may not get the numbers in the right order every time. One big hang-up in going higher? Those pesky numbers like 11 and 20. The irregularity of their names doesn't make much sense to a preschooler
--> Yup. She can count to 100 now. Although she might miss some numbers

Get fit together
Four-year-olds are perpetual motion machines — running, jumping, hopping, wriggling, climbing. But this natural inclination to be active won't necessarily last forever. Take advantage of it while you've got it to develop healthy lifelong habits as a family. Join in the fun, stay active with your kids, and they're more likely to keep moving as they grow up
--> Yup. Ni memang dari dulu lagi. No doubt

Your 4-year-old's tall tales
Pair your child's overactive imagination with his exploding language skills and you get some of the most fanciful tales you'll ever hear. He'll convincingly tell you all the details of his trip to the rain forest or how he flew to the desert to dig up dinosaurs before lunch this morning
--> I'll try this but she does have lots of imaginary selalunye menjadi cikgu yang sangat garang di sekolah..

Taming a tiny tyrant
Your child absorbs and parrots back all kinds of grown-up behavior. Occasional bossiness is one of these. (Not that you necessarily deliver your commands as rudely as your child may play them back.) At four, kids start to experiment with power and how words can manipulate people
--> Not sure. Will check this

Building healthy habits
Your preschooler is absorbing all kinds of messages from you about nutrition. Here are some ways to reinforce good habits:
• If your child is still guzzling milk or juice at will, steer him away from the habit. At this age, liquids should be drunk sitting down and only when offered
--> Better than last time. Dah dengar cakap sket. But still refuse vegetables sometimes

Why all the bonks and bruises?
Some preschoolers seem to do everything in hyperdrive, exploring their world with daring, curiosity, and speed. Watch a 4-year-old on the playground and you'll see someone with ever more confidence in her body and movements. She jumps over things, climbs stairs more confidently, and can catch and throw more accurately
--> Neeed to check but she sure have confident when do things

The generous child
Your child is gradually becoming less selfish, but it's still developmentally normal for him to think of himself first. How can you teach him generosity? Here are some ideas:
• Set a good example. Offer to share a snack and find other ways to insert the word "share" in conversation. "Would you like to share this seat with me?"
--> Yup. Improve. Banyak menolong skrang. Cuma kalau tengah malas tu.. hmm.. sangat lar malas

Get fit together
Four-year-olds are perpetual motion machines — running, jumping, hopping, wriggling, climbing. But this natural inclination to be active won't necessarily last forever. Take advantage of it while you've got it to develop healthy lifelong habits as a family. Join in the fun, stay active with your kids, and they're more likely to keep moving as they grow up.
--> Yup. Dia active tapi mummy yg tak active. So how? Tapi kalau berjalan memang dah susah nak tidur petang even dalam kereta.

The Bugis Traditional Raya Food

Ni lar dia bila pregnant.. mula lar ingat macam2 makanan.. so this morning teringat lar makanan Bugis ni.. so aku pun google nak cari camna nak wat burasak ni.. sbab ye lar yg tau buat orang2 tua.. so nanti bila orang2 tua ni takde.. aku nak makan camna.. so kena tau and make the effort to really do it.. tengok lar kalau raya di JB boleh la.. ehhehe

ni resepi nya.. i've got from this side.. http://puadede.com/v1/resepi-buras-bugis/


Beras 1kg,
Kelapa 1 biji diparut dan ambil santannya,
garam secukup rasa.

Bahan pembungkus :
Daun pucuk pisang (hijau muda),
Daun pisang (hijau).

Bersihkan beras dengan air yang bersih dan toskan.
Panaskan santan hingga mendidih. Bila mendidih kecilkan api.
Masukkan garam (janganlah banyak, ala kadar saja). Bila santan sudah berubah warna sedikit, padamkan api. Tuang santan panas ke dalam beras sambil gaulkan. Ingat! jangan terlalu banyak. Beras biar lembab sedikit, tapi merata.

Cara membungkus:
Sediakan daun pucuk pisang yang dipotong bentuk segi empat 4. Daun pisang juga dipotong bentuk segi empat. (Petua memastikan daun pisang tahan dan tidak koyak: jemur atau salai daun pisang itu)

and this is the result..

and nicely eat with serunding or another favorite.. ikan parang masak kicap.. hmmm.. sedapnyaaaa....

also i got another resepi which called Lepat Luih.. another Bugis dishes

Lepat Luih

5 kg beras pulut

Santan (5 biji kelapa)

Sedikit garam

Daun pisang muda

Pulut hendaklah direndam semalaman.
Selepas direndam pulut tadi dikukus hingga masak.
Setelah dikukus pulut tadi digaul bersama santan yang telah dimasak (santan hendaklah dimasak dahulu selama 3 minit).
Selepas sebati baru proses membungkus dilakukan menggunakan daun pisang dan dibentuk segi tiga. Setiap bungkusan akan diikat dijadikan sebuku (setiap sebuku mengandungi 6 bungkus/keping). Tujuannya adalah untuk memudahkan ia direbus di dalam periuk.
Kemudian rebus selama 3 1/2 jam.
Selepas itu ia dibiarkan sejuk dan boleh dihidangkan

yg ni takde gambar.. tapi sedappp gakkk..

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Mix

Yesterday was a mixed of sad and happy and normal day for me..

The Sad News
Terima SMS dari kawan-kawan lama.. Alert tu dah bunyi berkali2 since 2.43am.. tapi aku sedar only around 4am ++.. baca SMS tu.. "Salam, takziah dimaklumkan bahawa prof dr ahris yaakup telah kembali ke ramatullah pagi tadi di christchurch, new zealand. jenazah akan dibawa pulang ke malaysia dgn kadar segera.alfatihah.rosalin yusof"

Inalillahiwainnalillahirrojiun.. aku terus tak boleh tidur.. teringatkan boss lama aku.. orang yang telah membawa aku ke dunia GIS.. yang mengambil satu2 nya student oversea untuk bekerja dengan company dia..

pagi tu.. aku YM. cari kawan-kawan.. nak tau citer sebenar.. ramai tak tau lagi.. cuma tau dia gi holiday kat NZ ngan keluarga (relieve to hear family dia ada bersama masa tu).. sbb ex-boss aku ni byk ke oversea for paper presentation.. and selalu gi sorang2.. then later that day.. dapat berYM ngan kak lin.. asked her.. the only thing she knew.. he collapsed at hotel room.. cause still tak tau.. they are waiting for his wife to come back to Malaysia.. kak lin sedih.. dia secretary arwah.. kak lin bgtau.. sblum dr gi.. dr dah pesan macam2 kat dia.. including.. if anything happen to him.. take care of his family..

al-fatihah to Prof Dr Ahris Yaakup.. semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat...

The Happy News
Semalam amik half day.. ada checkup kat Azzahrah.. normally buat weekend.. tapi sebab nak buat detail scan.. kena buat ari Kamis.. i brought anisah and amil along.. ardi tak dapat follow sebab kena kerja.. memang lar penat bawak budak 2 orang tu.. tapi i am used to it.. so tak de hal nye la.. detail scan akan check everything including the organ and the physical organ of the fetus.. alhamdulillah semuanya ok and normal.. nothing to worry.. the fetus weight pun dah 1.053kg.. which is normal for almost 28 weeks... and the news that anisah have been waiting for long time is the gender is XX.. mesti la suka kakak anisah ni.. sebelum tido main ngan baby dulu.. amil lak.. tido atas perut.. but my weight turun by 1.4kg.. takkan sebab pose kot...

The Normal
Dah nama pun normal.. takde apa la...