Friday, March 21, 2008

Past few weeks of my life

Post election fever
i know i am late.. but can you believe it that the people is talking about the aftermath of the recent election... well at least that what happens in my office (in my office, i am the only malay, others are chinese and the guys like to hang out with us is an indian.. talking about multiracial huh!). but don't you guys love this.. normal people who never care about politics.. now.. talk about politics and talk like they know politics more than anyone else.. hahah.. at least i am.. i have to admit.. i am addicted to malaysiakini and harakahdaily and also all the politics bloggers.. it's like watching soap drama.. hahah.. but am still glad the opposition won.. i know my late father will be very happy if he's still around..

Bowling Match
We (me and ardi) compete against caza and zain.. and we won! we won! hahah.. well.. it's a very tough games.. i guess.. caza and me are the 'penentu' since both of us are not consistent.. and zain.. ardi kata you play not bad!.. well.. pity caza and zain have to pay for all the cost since they lost.. including our dinner... well.. when is the next one? we pay for dinner this time.. but this time i want to take one lane for the kids.. susahnye nak jaga dorang.. penat tau!!

My current office
Well.. so far i think my work place is great.. no juicy gossip.. sampai ardi pun boring sbb takde gossip for me to update him.. hehehe.. i really have nice time working with this people despite of being the only non-chinese.. my boss really nice.. always appraise me whenever i get the job done! hmm...but i know he's sincere.. he appraised other people as well.. we've got couple of sales lately.. am still in the learning curve... for those who don't know.. i am currently working with a company which sells vehicle tracking systems... you may refer here if you would like to know more.. well.. the website have not been updated for a very long time.. so mind that ok...

20th March - Birthday of Prophet Muhammad
Today is a holiday for us.. well.. after watch some parade over the tv.. we decided to go for washing machine hunting.. heheh. .our washer broke down and cannot be repair.. well..can.. but at a high cost.. so might as well get a new one.. so we off to The Curve.. apparently over there, one of the electronics company have a 'relocate sale'.. still a bit pricey though... and we spent more than we budgetted not on the washer but on our lunch... we had lunch at Secret Recipe.. but Anisah refuse to eat.. she wanted cake instead.. but she wanted a whole cakes.. so after a handful of argument with her.. she agreed to eat cupcakes at nearby cupcakes store.. and the cupcakes were expensive.. RM4.50 each. hehh.. not worth it at all.. then she decided she wanted to have an ice-cream.. being a strict mother i am normally will say NO... but somehow.. yesterday i decided to give her a nod.. there we go spend another ringgit at Baskin Robbin.. and we discover this one cool restaurant... Mache.. (yelar aku tau korang suma dah tau.. aku ni kan jakun sket!).. we will try the place later... without the kids..

oo.. back to washer hunting.. we straight to Kepong after that.. for a warehouse sale.. and we managed to get a front load washer for half of the market price.. good deal huh!!!.. so now i don't have to go to the laundry anymore. heheh.. only that.. who can lend us their 4 wheel so we can take our machine??

i have pictures to upload.. the kids pictures.. but i have no time.. busy baca politik issue.. how aaa??