Friday, November 21, 2008

Not Prepared Yet!

OK.. i have less than 50 days to deliver our third child.. but I haven't done much yet...

1) Baby clothes
- checked the old one.. have separated into two big piles.. but haven't washed the one that will be used
- haven't buy some new ones.. (takkan lar baby ni nak pakai yg lama nye je kan.. mestilar ada yg baru sepasang dua.. )

2) Toilettries for the babies
- haven't got anything yet...
- have to search to the website (yeah talking about experience huh!) on what to bring to the hospital on my labor day

3) Hospital Booking
- not done yet.. tapi dah decide nak pegi in 2 weeks time..

4) Stuff during confinement
- still not there... kena tunggu my mom balik.. got to ask her.. what's left at JB..
- not sure bengkung tu ada and ok lagi ke tak??

5) Other baby stuffs such as the mat (including playmate), kelambu, etc
- also have to wait for mak to come back.. forgot to ask her about this before dia gi brunei... now i go err.. panic.. not really lar..

6) Bag Packs to the hospital
- got the baby stuffs ready although still missing few things termasuk baju baru yg tak dibeli lagi..
- but my stuff.. langsung takde lagi.. maternity pad pun tak beli lagi..

what else??? hmm.. stakat ni.. ni je yg boleh ingat.. ohh yeah...

7) Checklist items to bring back to JB
- barang anisah and amil.. including books for anisah especially since she will miss her two months of schooling
- more baby stuff..
- my own stuff again
- baby monitor.. got to remind my sis on this...

Too many to think la..