Thursday, November 11, 2010

Change (II)

The new chapter that I am heading requires me to do a lot of adjustment in my life and family.

Yes, When I told people about the ideas, I've received mixed reactions. Some agree, some not and some arguing.

Well.. I believe in one thing.. the decision was made based on my humble and sincere intention to raise my kids with my own hands especially when they are starting new chapter of their life.

Yes, Anisah is heading for new chapter as well. She grew so fast and she will soon have to wear uniforms, carrying those heavy bag, have her own set of friends and etc.

Most people are concern about our financial. Yes, we live in a world where money is everything and everything is money. Me and my husband have been talking about this since early this year and we have sit down and calculate and recalculate and recalculate (endless time) to ensure that the day it's end, we have enough money to survive. We cut our expenses, we detailed each things that we buy, we check which stores can give us better deal (so far carrefour and pasaraya weng hong are our favs), the only thing that still failed us are the foods (hehehe).. Luckily, we are not branded item freak or must buy shoes/clothes every month.

Alhamdulillah, with hubby new job, we (me actually) finally relieved that the life that I wanted can be realized. Of course with the part time job that I currently do, it will help to ease our pocket. By the way, what ever I earn with my part time job that is considered bonus it is not calculated as my income. We even relieved to know that we are able to have more savings especially for the kids.

In the mean time, I have few other things in mind that can be considered as extra income. But, I do not wish to say it now. Nanti kang orang cakap.. cakap je lebih, buat nye tak..

My only hope that, we can survive this new journey with less hiccup and at the same time I can spend more time with my kids and also with our creator.

Change (Part I)

My journey as a full time-worked in the office-hustling morning traffic will come to the end very soon.

Just one more hurdled that I need to pass and I'm off to another chapter of my life.

The hurdled is the boss who still reluctant to let me go.

The chapter is a full time mother-worked at her own time and pace-do not understand what the hustle of morning traffic.

Yes, this is the life that I wanted for the past 4 years.

But, the idea has been there since the born of my darling daughter, Nur Anisah which was more than 6 years ago.

Sometime, I can be quite sceptic with my surrounding especially if it involves people that close to me.

When Nur Anisah was born, stories about child raping, child molesting, child kidnapping, accident involves children have just started. I have that concern. I remembered in my younger days this issues were hardly exist. At 11 or 12 years old, I sometime ride the public bus either to go to school for co-curriculum or to go to the nearby lbrary (if i was too lazy to walk 10 minutes distance).

My father send me and my siblings to and fro school every day without failed although sometimes send us late or pick up us late. When his picked me up late, I will walked back (sometime up to 5km) and it was Maghrib and no one else left and refused to take the bus cause if I walked he might find me besides the road. But, I always felt safe especially when he was finally there.

And then, there are stories on the social ill among the teenagers. All that make me want to be even more closer to her and she will treat me not only as a mother but as a friend. And, the idea of having a maid is never a great idea to me irregardless having an elderly around or not.

And I vow to myself that when she started her primary school, she will have me when ever she needs me. And, I will not find any excuse by saying, mummy have to go to work, mummy have dateline, mummy this or mummy that. I want to be able to say that, I have to work but maybe I can find another way to do this work later.

And, the time has come.