Friday, September 23, 2005

Never Ending!

i've been sicked again.. this time it's worst i guess.. last tuesday we had dinner at one of ardi's aunt's house... of course there were lots of food.. and i tried a bit here and there.. then my bowel started to have fun.. and it happened several time and i vomitted too.. and till now.. it still occurred..

now i am afraid to eat.. because if i ate.. either i passed out from bottom or top.. but i have to eat for the sake of my baby... but i feel very very sick now...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Past, present and future

i've been tagged by Nana

20 years ago: 1985 (I was 8)
Can't remember much.. but I knew I had a lot of friends that last until my secondary year.. not a great student.. always scold by my teacher.. was very bad girl at the time.. most teachers didn't like me n my groupies.. but i think my class teacher was Pn Nila.. she was our class teacher until we're standard 6..

10 years ago: 1995 (I was 18)
I went to English Course sponsored by MARA.. not a great one.. it was a waste of time.. should get a job or something.. got my license.. but too scared to drive, after the english course, i worked for my uncle for couple of months before accepted to MARA College Banting where I met my good friends, my hubby.. most important, that was the year where I had the biggest crush ever in my life.. where my 'antenna' was working whenever he passed by.. but i never realized somebody have an even bigger crush on me.. my dear hubby.. we formed so-called clubhouse, CH106ers.. i ripped of my pants just to catch a stalker.. dah lar tu masa tu tengah syok makan satay..

5 years ago: 2000 (I was 23)
I finished my degree at WMU.. i met some good friends like Sobi, Kak Lin, Kak Long, Josh, Kristy, Carl, Mike, Dorothy.. and there was this cute nigger guy who had crush on me. asked me out several times, but i dare not to.. so sad i had to leave the country where i gained valuable experience also sad that my parents never got to witness my graduation day.. but at the same time am excited to go home for my bro's wedding and most of all to meet my distance boyfriend, ARDI IRWAN (whom had crush on me kat Banting).. got my first job at an insurance company but had to quit after three months to go back to JB to live with my parents..

3 years ago: 2002 (I was 25)
Not an interesting year.. am busy working with current company.. back and forth to KL to meet my dear bf.. and sibuk simpan duit for my wedding.. that's about it i guess.. oh yeah.. i went to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah that year for a workshop..

Last year: 2004 (I was 27)
Giving birth to my lovely daugther, Nur Anisah.. my sister got married with my senior.. my grandfather passed away (all this happen in 3 months period).. watching anisah's milestone every month or is it every day.. hmmm!! and towards end of the year, received devastating news.. my father got liver cancer...

This year: 2005 (I am 28)
My father still received treatment at the hospital.. my brother, EE got married in February with a lovely girl.. my father passed away in April.. I've got pregnant again.. had some complications at first but then everything is safe now.. not satisfied with current company.. still mourning over my father's death..

Next year: 2006 (I will be 29)
Insya allah will give birth to another soul.. now have to deal with two kids.. hopefully ardi will keep up with me.. will try again to find another job.. hope my older brother and sister will have kids on their own

10 years from now: 2015 (38 ek?)
I just hope to have better life.. anisah will be 11+ by then and her brother or sister will be 8 kot.. and probably more adik to follow... Will ARDI still loves me? hopefully.. and insya allah i will still love him... hope to have my own home, hope to still have my current friends.. and most importantly, hope i will have a healthy and berkat life.. insya allah..

Langkawi Island!

last weekend, i went for a trip to langkawi with my colleagues.. we had family day there.. we're off on thursday night at 1 am and reached kuala perlis around 9.30am.. here's the journey..

Friday, 2nd September 2005 (Putrajaya - Kuala Perlis - Jeti Kuah - Aseania Resort)

Our bus arrived around 1 am at Putrajaya (after waited for almost 2 hours).. anisah was great she only woke up once before we departed (tu pun sebab dengar sore2 sumbang yang memekak!).. then slept again before we even passed NKVE (should be earlier but they put on Pontianak Menjerit.. so tertengok kejap sb dengar sore ngilai).. we had several stops along the way.. and had breakfast and solat subuh at R&R Gurun.. we reached Kuala Perlis around 9.30am and had to wait for the other bus from Johor Bahru before took the ferry to Jeti Kuah at 11.30am.. while most babies and some adults had difficult time in the ferry.. anisah felt asleep.. so she's been great.. finally we arrived at Aseania Resort at almost 1.30pm and had lunch before check-in to our room.. and very very tired.. later that day we had our first game i.e beach volleyball and beach soccer.. of course i didn't play any of the game so i just layan anisah in the pool.. after dinner we had a another game, Conteng-conteng or WIn, Lose or Draw.. our team got no.2.. after a long day.. we finally got to sleep

Saturday, 3rd September 2005 (Aseania Resort)

We had more telematch on this day.. after breakfast we went to the beach and played some games.. anisah was not in the good mood.. she was crancky up.. only for me to find out that she wanted to sleep.. i guess it's the medicine that we gave her.. hehheeh.. so i only watched ardi played all the games.. and our team lose most of the time.. sob sob.. we finished the game by noon.. and after lunch we took anisah again to the pool.. she really had fun in there.. the game continued after asar.. and the prize ceremony was held over the BBQ that night... unfortunately my team got the last place.. iskk.. sebab aku tak main kot.. hehehe...

Sunday, 4th September 2005 (Aseania Resort - LADA - Kilang Gamat - Underwater World - Cable Car - Pekan Kuah - Aseania Resort)

we went to LADA as our first stop.. it bored most of us.. LADA is Langkawi Developmenet AUthority.. my boss wanted us to go there to know the planning sturcture of Langkawi.. only that the taklimat was held too long.. fortunately for me.. anisah was cranky up again.. so even before the taklimat begun.. i had to go out and we managed to go the shopping mall next to the building.. after long waiting hours, we went to Kilang Gamat.. it's not really a kilang but more like small shop taht produced gamat.. we spent a lot of money here to get gamat product and it was fun.. before we went to the underwater world, we had lunch at restoran kampung siam which is next to the underwater world.. then we went to Gunung Mat Chincang where the cable car is.. by that time.. my leg was already killing me.. my right leg was cramped and i can't even walk fast.. but we managed to climb up the mountain via cable car.. and anisah didn't freaked out at all.. even some of my guy collegue pun takut!!.. what a brave girl.. trip to pekan kuah was a frustrating one for us.. my leg really eat me.. and ardi was frustrated because i coudn't help him to pick up some souveniers.. we ended up buying stuff for our parents and siblings.. and went straight to the bus.. after taht we went straight to the hotel.. and packing time..

Monday, 5th September 2005 (Aseania Resort - Jeti Kuah - Kuala Perlis - ALor Star - Putrajaya)

This our final day of the trip.. we left the resort around 8.45am and went to jeti kuah to catch the next ferry at 10am.. we managed to stop by the dataran lang to take some pictures.. we went straight to alor star after reached kuala perlis to had lunch at restoran berputar in menara alor star.. then we headed back to putrajaya and reached there around 10pm after several stops..

overall the trip was fun.. although there was some ugly moments.. hopefully next family day.. we will have anothe fun trip.. insya allah..

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Merdeka Day!

yesterday was merdeka day for malaysia... don't understand why after 48 years there are poeple claims that the years are not right.. don't they understand the meaning of merdeka where we received our independence from the British not the built of Malaysia.. this is what happen when you don't totally understand the history..

well am not that patriotic myself.. since i was a singaporean born 28 years ago... i always assume that singapore is my first country and malaysia is next.. but as i grew older i think where you reside most is where your actual country is.. my experience with the merdeka day was when i was 11 years old.. i was one of the participant for the national parade which was held in Johor Bahru.. at the time the Agung was Sultan Johor.. it was a great fun.. yeah yeah.. skipped class, meet new friends and all that was fun.. our school was selected to perform the 'gimrama' along with 2 more schools.. at the time gimrama was very new.. and not even faiznur miskin knew what it was.. i still remembered that i had to wear this very short skirt and had to put on some makeup.. and we had to sleep at the classroom at one of the school a day before merdeka.. it was fun and that was something that i will never forget for a very long time... at the time i realised i am proud to be a malaysian...

so i spent my merdeka eve by having dinner with some of ardi's friends at Restoran Tasik Indah in Shah Alam... that was my favorite restaurant and very delighted when ardi told me we will have dinner there... although i don't really favor the company.. but what the heck.. it's free.. and we had that almost every year for the past three years (the first year we had ramadan buffet dinner and it was awesome!)..

on merdeka day itself, i went to KLCC with anisah nad my mom... we thought of meeting my sister there and we wanted to go to the KLAquaria.. so we took lrt from kelana jaya to klcc and it was anisah's first ride on the rail.. i knew she was excited but since shw just woke up from sleep.. she kept it to herself but you can see from her face... definitely klcc was full packed of people.. so i went straight to the aquaria to buuy ticket for all of us.. only to find out that the queue to ticket counter was till half way the tunnel... so i asked the staff how far is the queue.. and he said it will take about 10 minutes walk.. and another 2-3 hours for the ticket.. i was like.. hmmmm.. so i called my sis to cancel out the plan.. so we ended up wandering klcc and went home.. so that's it for my merdeka celebration...

tonite till monday nite... i'll be away.. we are having office family day in langkawi... so guys.. have a great weekend..