Thursday, July 24, 2008

Updates of Us

I have reached my 16 weeks pregnancy. Supposedly by this time, the sickness have moved away. But I still experienced it. This pregnancy really tire me. Sometime I wish I haven't changed my job so that I can always take MC leave. hahah...

Currently our daily schedule a bit hectic since Ardi has started his new job at KLCC. I have to wake up quite early to get ready and to make breakfast and to bath Anisah as well. By 6.40am we have left the house. I send Ardi to LRT Kelana Jaya then straight back to Shah Alam to send my kids to kindy/nursery before go to work. And in the evening, pick up my kids and Ardi at Kelana Jaya again. Normally we will reached home by 8.30pm sometimes 9pm. I pity the kids having to deal with our cureent daily lives. But one thing I am glad is we get to spend more time although the time is spend in the car. Anyway this will soon over.

Can't wait for next week though!

On the other hand, Amil is very fond of my tummy. Must make me pull up my shirt everytime he drinks his milks. When he's done. Ok mummy, dah tutup! But now he really loves the words 'Tak Nak'. Tanya apa pun suma nye Tak Nak. Bengang gak!

Anisah is having a fever today. Poor my little girl. When she has fever, she's a bit quiet. Not jumping as usual. Listen to mummy! She complies with all my instruction especially when ask to cover up her body and drinks a lot of water. She's good at that only she has fever lar... kalau tak.. hmmm... oo and she's going on her first ever no-mummy-or-daddy trip in 2 weeks time... she'll be going to Petrosains KLCC with her teachers and friends of Tadika Al-Husni and she is so excited about it. And I told her she can only go if she's being good. eheheh..

Till then..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

They're Back!

I admit I was a big fan of them back in the late 80s, early 90s. I had posters of them all over my bedroom. I even owned their cassettes. It was really cool then. Since I lived in JB, I managed to watch their video clips thru the Singapore Channel.

Who are they? They are the New Kids on the Block. And they are back. Well, I don't fancy them now. But I still love their old songs. And I still can sing along. Haha

Here's one of it..

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

61 in 9th July 2008

If he still lives, he'll be 61.

Al-fatihah to my arwah ayah tersayang..

Monday, July 07, 2008

Sedih bila...

Sedih bila kisah lalu diungkit kembali..

Sedih bila kisah orang yang sudah tiada didedahkan..

Sedih bila dipersalahkan kerana memporak perandakan keluarga..

Sedih bila isu yang hendak dibincang tidak pernah ingin dibawa berbincang..

Sedih bila hanya kita lebih muda, kita dikatakan kurang ajar!..

Sedih bila anak-anak tidak mampu mempertahankan hak ibu dan ayah nya..

Sedih bila harta menjadi rebutan..

Sedih bila sesuatu pengorbanan diperkotak-katikkan..

Sedih bila ada orang yang cuba mengambil kesempatan di atas apa yang berlaku..

Sedih bila orang yang kita pernah percaya membelakangkan kita..

Sedih bila memikirkan dimanakah keikhlasan selama ini..

Sedih bila tidak lagi mampu duduk di tempat yang sudah lama didiami..

Sedih bila kenangan dan nostalgia yang ada akan dipadamkan secara paksa..

Buat mak tersayang.. Sabar lar dengan dugaan ini dan ingat lar anak-anak mu sentiasa ada bersamamu..

Buat adik-beradik ku semua.. Bersatu lar kita sampai akhir hayat.. Jangan harta menjadi rebutan.. Jadikan lar ini satu pengajaran yang sangat mahal.. Semoga anak-anak kita tidak perlu melalui situasi begini..

Ya Allah! aku percaya apa yang berlaku ada hikmah nya.. aku juga berdoa semoga orang yang memperlakukan kami sedemikian akan satu hari nanti menyedari apa yang berlaku adalah satu kesilapan besar yang pernah mereka lakukan.. aminnn