Monday, May 24, 2010

The aftermath

So.. i blogged on our first mini holiday.. well it wasn;t happen as planned... well some part of it la..

firstly.. we did our groceries.. but then.. when i woke up in the morning.. daddy had this 'lebam' and 'bengkak' under his mata.. he got hit by hockey stick a night before masa main hoki lar kan.. it really pissed me off.. so i had to do the groceries alone.. sigh.. sesudah abis membeli belah.. daddy need to go to the clinic.. to check his eyes.. then we run after unplanned errands... so the lunch at friend house was called off...

then.. we went to the hotel.. reached there slightly before 5pm... after brief rest.. the kids ready for swimming.. ni lar jugak masa nye aqilah sibuk nak susu... so abang and kaka gi first with daddy.. so mummy will follow later..
sepatutnye la kan.. but.. aqilah decided to sleep... so wat can mummy do? duduk melayan movie di dalam bilik hotel.. when the kids balik.. oh dear!! abang got blood all over his chin.. according to daddy.. dia jatuh di swimming pool.. sigh.. what a day!!

malam.. mencari clinic.. sib baik dah ING for panel clinic.. and luckily i decided to call this clinic which fortunate enough very near to the hotel.. and knowing amil.. bila something not right.. he will not at his normal active mode.. but normal slow mode... hiyaaa.. penat mummy... by the time we've done with him.. almost 10 o'clock.. so we decided to go to tasik titiwangsa.. hoping to find a place to eat.. okey lar.. mmg ada the ever famous Restoran Nelayan.. but the place was very crowded.. parking is difficult.. and finally daddy decided to go to Kg Baru.. pegi The Ship.. nice food.. although makanan aku a.k.a mix lamb sangat liat. but delicious black pepper sauce.. aqilah happily had the fries with mayonnaise.. and don;t ever think of taking that mayo from her.. else she will scream..

so malam yg penat berakhir dengan another trip to the same clinic.. as abang nye dressing of the wounded chin dah terbukak kena air milo... with the most unfriendly doctor i ever met..

the next day.. mummy i beli roti canai di sebelah hotel sbb we were not provided with breakfast coupon.. takpe lar.. again.. aqilah makan roti canai dengan sepenuh hati and cicah dengan kuah kacang dal.. sampai penuh mulut dia.. and we after check put again we made another trip to tasik titiwangsa.. nothing much to do as the weather was very hot.. but we stop for a while to let the kids watched the remote control car race.. okey lar.. again.. aqilah ditinggalkan sebab tgh sibuk nyusu..

then.. we headed to pavilion for our lunch before daddy went for his interview at marriott.. after that terus balik.. sbb dah takde apa nak buat.. as daddy said.."this time around.. mummy didn;t do good planning".. sigh...

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