Monday, August 30, 2010

Amil oh Amil..

My son got hernia... shocking! shocking!..

Actually few months ago dah perasan... apsal cam dia nye 'toooooot' besar semacam.. selalu notice masa pakaikan amil pampers malam2.. but masa tu.. ardi selalu takde sbb outstation.. so tak de lar tanya..

then few days ago.. again i noticed the same thing.. terus panggil ardi.. dia dah suspek something tapi suruh monitor for few days.. just so happened.. amil was not well.. we went to pediatrician for his asthma.. so ask the doctor to check his testis also.. when we describe he already suspect something also.. then after he did physical check.. he said that it is hernia.. he requested us to seek consultation at paed in SDMC... maybe he needs to undergo surgery.. all sort of things came to my mind.. do it after raya.. do it after i resign.. bla bla bla...

so we met the surgeon pediatrician (after waiting for almost 2 hours.. *sigh)... upon his checking.. he confirmed that it was hernia and need to do the operation.. when we asked when.. he said.. NEXT WEEK.. oh dear.. i wasn't prepared for that... i asked to delay.. he said.. can.. but since amil's testis already hardened.. it was best to the operation the soonest possible.. in fear it will further aggravate the situation.. reluctantly we had to agree on the operation (which is in two days when i wrote this).. blood rush all over me.. silent panic occurred... the doctor said.. it will only take 30 minutes, it can be regard as outpatient treatment.. but since we have insurance for him.. might as well he stayed one night for it.. the pre booking done on the same day as well.. and now it's time to tell the elders... *sigh.. ye sudah boleh dirasakan apakah reaksi mereka.. and i was almost 90% correct...

so on the 1st September 2010 around 8.30am.. amil will undergo minor operation for his hernia... pray for his health..

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