Monday, August 30, 2010

Indirect Inguinal Hernia

So.. we google about hernia... before this.. i only know this as penyakit orang main bola.. sbb.. Paul Scholes selalu kena.. hehehe...

I refer EmedicineHealth. Mari saya cut and paste ye... i will only take i related to amil je.. kalau tak jenuh korang nak baca..

Indirect inguinal hernia:

An indirect hernia follows the pathway that the testicles made during fetal development, descending from the abdomen into the scrotum. This pathway normally closes before birth but may remain a possible site for a hernia in later life. Sometimes the hernia sac may protrude into the scrotum. An indirect inguinal hernia may occur at any age.

basically.. yg amil kena ni due to his fetal development.. oo btw.. masa dia dalam pantang i did tuam his toooottttt... so don;t ask me "masa kecik tak buat ke tu ini.. etc..."

The Treatment for Irreducible hernia

* All acutely irreducible hernias need emergency treatment because of the risk of strangulation.

* An attempt to reduce (push back) the hernia will generally be made, often with medicine for pain and muscle relaxation.

* If unsuccessful, emergency surgery is needed.

* If successful, however, treatment depends on the length of the time that the hernia was irreducible.
# If the intestinal contents of the hernia had the blood supply cut off, the development of dead (gangrenous) bowel is possible in as little as six hours.
# In cases where the hernia has been strangulated for an extended time, surgery is performed to check whether the intestinal tissue has died and to repair the hernia.
# In cases where the length of time that the hernia was irreducible was short and gangrenous bowel is not suspected, you may be discharged.

o Because a hernia that was irreducible and is reduced has a dramatically increased risk of doing so again, you should therefore have surgical correction sooner rather than later.

o Occasionally, the long-term irreducible hernia is not a surgical emergency. These hernias, having passed the test of time without signs of strangulation, may be repaired electively.

So baik lar operate secepat mungkin kalau dah discover it..

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