Thursday, December 02, 2010

December 2010

December is always the busiest month of the year.. Apa yg buat busy tu pun tak tau lar..

But, for this year..
1) 7th December (Tuesday) - Awal Muharam
2) 11th December (Saturday, dislike!) - Sultan Selangor Birthday
3) 25th December (Saturday, dislike also!) - Christmas Day

And, we celebrated birthday for my beloved people in my life
1) 25th December - Mak's 62th Birthday
2) 27th December - Amil's 5th Birthday

also, my dear friend birthday

1) 28th December - Shirin's 33th Birthday

and, my cousins birthday

1) 9th December - Zaki's 27th Birthday (i guess!)
2) 14th December - Syadiyah or Dada's 30th Birthday


For this year..

1) Harry Potter must see movie on the 3rd December double date with bakal pengantin..

2) Our annual year end holiday will be in Port Dickson (ONLY!!!) which will kick off on 5th December till 7th December...

3) A medical checkup on the 17th December..

4) My very best friend solemnization on the 31st December..

** This is new.. 18th will have another small quick vacation somewhere in Klang Valley.. niceee!!

And most importantly..

Anisah's preparation to primary school...
1) kasut, stokin, baju dalam, stationery belum beli..
2) baju belum siap..
3) bag sudah beli..
4) surat2 dari sekolah belum dapat..

and also, this year.. we change kindy for Amil.. he'll be going to... Little Caliphs starting this January.. so,
1) Registration not done yet

okey lar.. that justify why it is the busiest month of the year..

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