Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just for a while

Yep.. i am lazy to update this blog... jadi housewife.. nak citer apa pun.. hehehe..

anyway.. i am days away from giving birth to another soul yg diamanahkan oleh Allah S.W.T.. this time the feeling is totally different.. got issue with this lil one.. but recently he (yes he!) is behaving really good... i admitted.. i haven;t recite much quran, less doa, less preparation for this lil one.. my busyness with the other 3 kids.. despite of not working really hold me to do things that i was supposed to do..

i just pray that everything will be okey for both of us... thanks to those who supporting me.. esp my hubby.. who really can stand my behavior for the past few weeks.. i know it's difficult for him also.. i love you darling!!! till then..

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Ardi said...

Luv u too